If Trumps wife ends up being an illegal immigrant


Gaps in Melania Trump’s immigration story raise questions - POLITICO

I wonder if that would change any of your opinions of him.

I’m still a bit amaze Trump won the republican ticket… when he’s being accuse of University Scam, there’s a chance he committed tax fraud, and currently his wife might be committing visa fraud.

If people are going to vote for Trump because they feel a fraud is better than a Dem… I can understand that.


How can she be guilty of “fraud” when she’s MARRIED to a U.S. Citizen???


Its a Dim planted story, nothing more…


My exact thoughts. She may have been but she no longer is.


That’s cute coming from the party that nominated an unindicted criminal.


The story was pretty well hushed up, but the Clinton Foundation had to pony up a big chunk of change when it became known that Bill and Hillary had used a lot of money from it for personal items, like first class travel. Everything you try to hang on Trump applies to Hillary too.


If Trumps wife ends up being an illegal immigrant
Trump can pay Hillary $50,000 & I bet that she can fix it. (wink)


[quote=“Old_Tex, post:7, topic:49259”]
If Trumps wife ends up being an illegal immigrant
Trump can pay Hillary $50,000 & I bet that she can fix it. (wink)
[/quote] …which may be part of his pay-off for throwing the election to her.


You all understand that marrying an US citizen doesn’t automatically make you a legal immigrant The process is long and if by some chance you broke one of the laws… such as doing something you’re not supposed to do while in the states, you can lose your privilege of becoming a legal citizen.

If by some chance you’re outdated on the process…

Marrying a Foreigner or Immigrant - FAQs - AllLaw.com


But it CAN be expedited. Back some years ago, I had a cousin who was an underpaid nanny. She was much into American folk music and went to folk music gatherings in her home state of North Carolina. One year, she met a German tourist and they dated until his visa expired and he went home to what was then West Germany. They talked on the phone and corresponded by mail for over a year until he came back to the U.S. They were married in N. Carolina. He took her home to Bonn to meet his family, but was denied reentry into the US because his visa was as a “tourist” and it was apparent that he intended to stay. My cousin needed someone who had an annual income over $25K to act as his “sponsor” and guarantee that he wouldn’t become “a burden on society.” The guy was a skilled violin-maker and repairer so chances of that happening were almost nil. I filled out the paperwork and sent it to her along with a suggestion that she contact Sen Jesse Helms–which she did. Her husband was granted an immigration visa within a month, so it CAN be done.


So, getting back to the point, if she ends up being an illegal immigrant, would your opinion of Trump change.


Trump supporters are like Clinton supporters, their opinion will not change for any reason including slander, lies and high crimes against the United States; hypocrisy wouldn’t even make the needle quiver.

If character mattered to their supporters, Clinton and Trump would have been the first to drop out of the Primaries; not the last two standing in the general.


I doubt if she is illegal. Trump has enough money to male sure all of her documents are in order.


I have a very low opinion of Trump to begin with, so there isn’t much room for downward movement for me.

That said, if there was real evidence that his wife came to the US illegally, it would have surfaced by now.

But, beyond that point, Trump would not have been part of the illegality - it would have taken place long before he knew her - he would have had nothing to do with it.

The issues in this election are SO MUCH BIGGER than this - this is a distraction.

Final point - Hillary’s horndog husband lied to the nation, took advantage of an intern in the Oval Office of this nation, was impeached and was disbarred. I don’t see that has impeded her criminal career and march to becoming the Democrat candidate for POTUS.


No it would not because I am not voting for Trump, I’m voting for a supreme court that allows me the freedom to follow my conscience and doesn’t allow for the freedom to kill your children. Trump just happens to be the hair that stands in that position at the moment.


Not at all. Mostly because my opinion of him was as low as whale poop to begin with. BTW, what does “ends up being an illegal immigrant” even MEAN?


I love what if scenarios. Liberals use them to derail conversations


Excuse me Mr Spade, but what if Donald Trump was actually Khan and Khizr Kahn was actually Captain Kirk and Hillary was actually Princess Leia and McCain was actually Peppy the Hare. Would the interplay between these different Star franchises help or hurt your enjoyment of Leonard Nimoy and also why don’t you vote Democrat don’t you know that’s racist?


“The Wall” beat me to it, but my answer to this hypothetical, possibly counter-factual, question,

So, getting back to the point, if she ends up being an illegal immigrant, would your opinion of Trump change.

is: “Yes, I will have turnip fries with my anchovy milkshake,”


More seriously, I’ve learned that hypothetical “challenge” questions like this are an infinite regression game. Every time the hypothetical “question” is answered directly, the goalposts get moved, and the hypothetical question is changed so as to preclude the answer just given. So I rarely take the bait.