If you believed Sidney Powell's claim's about election fraud, you aren't a reasonable person (her words)

From the land of “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”, Sidney Powell has moved to dismiss Dominion’s defamation lawsuit. She argues that when she accused Dominion of being part of an election-rigging scheme with ties to Venezuela, “no reasonable person would conclude” those “were truly statements of fact”.

Powell argues she can’t be liable if the information she based her “opinions and legal theories” on were actually unreliable, comparing herself to reporters who get 1A protection when they cite sources; but she later also makes clear she disputes that her info was “false”

The (sort of) retreat of the Kraken: Sidney Powell argues she can’t be sued for defamation because her voter fraud lies were just “opinions and legal theories.”

“…no reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact”

So, what we have here is the “Tucker Carlson defense”.

Look, I’m not saying that the political left is as pure is the driven snow. Do I think they rigged the election, no not at all, but Trump and his minions now admitting they lied, but wait, “They really believed it” so it’s ok?

Literally, Powell’s defense is that she lied, but that she believed her lies, but when the Judge finds out she made ZERO effort to fact-check the “alleged” affidavits, I don’t think the judge is going to look kindly upon that.

While I don’t think Dominion and Smartmatic will get even a tiny fraction of the money they are suing for, they must be popping the corks on some Champaign right now.

So instead of using this case as an opportunity to prove what most of the people here on RO believed, she’s admitted it was lies that she was duped into believing.

I hate to say it, but I was right again.

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Sidney Powell, Giuliani, Lin Wood and all the other shysters’ should be disbarred.

Yeah, but it was still Antifa that stormed the Capitol. And if you don’t believe me, I demand trial by combat.


Wow, this thread is pretty quiet. Considering how many forum members are convinced the US 2020 elections were stolen, I would have expected some GQP conspiracy crap.

And yet, nothing.




I don’t even know who Sidney Powell is. I believe there was election fraud (and has been throughout history), although I don’t have any idea if it was enough to tilt the election. The media fraud sure was.

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She’s the one who let kept threatening to “release the kraken” referring to evidence of widespread fraud she’d supposedly collected.

(continued)…>While standing on a podium next to Giuliani as he reiterated her claims.

And let’s not forget, she was a Trump attorney until, even they realized her lies put them in legal jeopardy.

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I don’t know if the election was stolen. What I do know is that we will never know the true results in Michigan and especially Pennsylvania, because the Democrats blocked entrance to the press and the poll watchers.

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Here, let me help. It wasn’t, you were deceived.

I suspect you are trying to convince a community that believed Obama was born in Kenya and is a muslim. What that means is you have a long days work ahead of you trying to educate such…people.

I’m not sure if you are being disingenuous, but to not know who Sidney Powell is, or her involvement with the Trump Campaign certainly makes you look pretty bloody ignorant. She is best known for her rant about how “Biden stole the election” at a Four Seasons landscaping company that was next to a porn shop that was offering sales on dildos and on the other side a crematorium. This was an event so well known that an obscure Australian who is an absolute moron could casually comment on it in conversation.

You don’t know who Sidney Powell is? Sure mate. I believe you.

In related news, US voting systems Dominion sues Fox News over false claims the company rigged the 2020 election

I guess the GQP model of “make a lie and hope enough people are going to believe you” isn’t paying the dividends right-wingers were expecting.

You absolutely have, maybe not by name, but you’ve heard everything she’s said is you’ve herd claims of election fraud.

When the Democrats pass HR-1, the game will be complete. Voter fraud will be completely woven into the system, and the Democrats will be in complete control. Democracy will be dead in the United States.

Biden let it slip the other day when he said, “I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party in 2024.”

I get my news on Christian radio. They don’t talk much about porn shops and dildos. It’s always possible that I heard the name mentioned; the “release the kraken” line rings a bell, although I think it may have been here, and I don’t associate a name with it. I honestly don’t know her from Adam.

Huh? I’ve heard the claims of election fraud from Trump and Giuliani.

On the other hand, Biden was confused as to whether he’d been VP or a Senator in his “news conference” last week (even with hand-picked “journalists” tossing him softballs)…

The root of at least some of the claims made by Trump and Giuliani came from Powell. I post the vid, BIIRC you don’t have the bandwidth for video.

Actually, I do have DSL now; but I’ll just let it ride (I’m generally lazy about videos anyway).

When it gets cheap enough, I’d suggest getting Starlink.

I’m pretty sure the neighborhood I live in is too crowded for it, but it sounds just right for you.

Actually, DSL is everything I can imagine needing.

And thank heaven we have potato joe to save the universe. I hear Marvel is going to cancel every superhero movie forever and replace it with Biden snippets.

Yes, the new character is The Super Senile Socialist Space Alien from Delaware.

BTW there was another attack on the Capital today. This really is "Springtime for “Progressives.’” They spend the next three months and $500 billion dollars studying and harping about how the Federal Government is in mortal danger.

The only things that are in peril are freedom, democracy and the economy. Those two rights and the well being of the working class on the endangered species list due to “progressive policies.”