If you believed Sidney Powell's claim's about election fraud, you aren't a reasonable person (her words)

The left will drag you kicking and screaming into a more prosperous economic era.

And you don’t even have to thank them for it.

Prosperous how? For who? Well. At least I bet no more pandemics drop until another republican gets elected potus. There’s always that

Would you say the economy has done well under Trump? How, for who?

You will get very wealthy if you are high government official. Corporations who play ball with the “Progressives” will get as many perks as the government can provide as well. It’s called Fascism.

That’s why the executives at Coca-Coal and Delta Airlines jumped on the Georgia elections bill. The truth is Georgia provides more days for early voting that New Jersey. What the “Progressives” don’t like is that the law requires voter IDs for voting and absentee ballots. It’s call one person, one vote, but that does not aid the “Progressive” strategy of one Democrat, many votes.

What is so unfair about asking a person to prove who they are when they vote? I just had to have medial treatment. They asked for my ID multiple times. When you rent a car, you need an ID. When you rent a hotel room, you need an ID. Why should voting be exempt from that?

Are minority people exempt from presenting their ID for the services I covered above? If they have IDs, why is it wrong to ask them to show their credentials when they vote? How is that “voter suppression?” It’s voter fraud suppression, and the “Progressives” don’t like that.

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Yes. For everyone. Except maybe illegal aliens? o.O

? Where? California and New York suck right now; people are fleeing to Texas, North Carolina and Florida.

Left wing, progressive leaders quote that they want to ape the performance of the Nordic countries, but not only have they never accomplished this at just a State level, they fail to grok that those places are more economically free than us, and have intentionally regressive taxes.

Revealed preference doesn’t lie, nor does the track record of Blue State performance.

So you’re being rhetorical CS, not substantive.

Please elaborate, what metric are you using to compare their economic success?

People voting with their feet:

That’s a proxy at best, there’s lots of reasons people move. The growth of Texas for instance is not an automatic indicator of the weakness of California.

Here’s an article that looks at 6 empirical factors of economic health.

Texas and Florida are pretty high up, but so are New York and California.

Lots of people are moving out of California and New York to Texas and Florida to vote Democrat and flip those states. They bring their stinking politics with them. They never learn.

But the leading reasons are cost of living and ease of doing business.

This was true even before COVID hit, it simply accelerated the trend:


I didn’t say that.

Rather, California hemorrhaging people and businesses is an indicator of weakness in California. This is part and parcel to why their Governor is facing a recall election.

Nope. That’s an article from 2018, with 2017 q4 data.

Here’s 2020:


New York is pretty much at the bottom

If you had followed anyone with a business in New York, it’s not a mystery why.

Compliance costs have gone through the roof, while consumer demand has tanked. Texas and Florida meanwhile did far better at weighing consequences, and keeping businesses afloat.

My bad, updated one looking at state economies just before covid hit. Your 2020 list only examines GDP growth, which isn’t enough alone.


“Growth represents a third of the weight in ranking the Best States for economy, including metrics that measure net migration, growth of the young population and GDP growth rate. Growth measures the economic future of a state, and can be a strong indicator of up-and-coming locations for businesses and entrepreneurs – as well as areas that may struggle in coming years.”

You didn’t read your source.

They said in the opening that they’re examining performance pre-COVID, not current performance.

Further, GDP per capita isn’t important for measuring current performance. All that metric says is that your state used to have growth.

And that’s what New York and California are, states living off their prior success while doing nothing to ensure current or future success.

They are among the worst for starting or running a business, they are among the worst for taxation, the worst for cost of living, and the worst for compliance costs.

Which all amounts to net migration out, and anemic growth. And the worst unemployment rates in the nation:


You can’t game this Gene, they’re at the bottom right now.

If I’m convinced of anything after this back and forth with you it’s that these metrics are all so fragile and transient that nothing can truly be learned from them.

I’ll cop to the error, I should have caught that.

What I see here is you quitting when you’re in the wrong.

The trend for these states decline is predictable; they’re putting control over growth.

When it takes months get a new permit for a business, years to get a permit for a new construction, and the state can’t organize itself well enough to maintain it’s own streets, it’s on the decline.

I work for a company that has a site in california; they’re moving everything to Colorado and Alabama because California made any sort of expansion too expensive
This is the norm right now.

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I am quitting, but I genuinely don’t see convincing evidence for either side. Might come back in a new thread, but I’m going to read through some economic journals.

Also, we got wayyyy off the original topic here. Which is a shame, because the Sidney Powell debacle is actually pretty important.

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