If you could remove any religion…


If you had the power to make any religion of your choice disappear over night, which one and why? Further, what religion would replace it?


Islam. It is the second largest religion, is dangerous to the world, and promotes oppression of its followers. I would like to the world 100% Christian.


Atheism, though it isn’t technically a religion.


None, of course. What are we afraid of?


Other: it’d be nice if radical elements of all the above disappeared. That would of course affect some religions on that list more than others in terms of active practitioners. Also, chose other because I’d prefer people moved away from those radical religious beliefs (including religions not listed e.g., Aum) by choice. When we start throwing around the words “should disappear” we’re a step closer to letting gov’t force those wishes through radical premptive measures. I say destroy those active radical elements so long as they are ‘jihading’ (or whatever term they use), and when they’re not - persuade them with words and kindheartedness to follow a different set of footprints in the sand.

Oh, and “Other” also includes the religious indoctrination of political ideologies taught in schools and other collectivist driven conformity centers.


I’d say eliminate Satan worship; which might take a few on the periphery of some others with it…


Is Satan worship actually a real thing? That seems silly. Like if you believe in Satan, then wouldn’t you also believe in God, and then wouldn’t it be a no-brainer to pick the right person?

  1. I understand that it is indeed.
  2. I don’t know. I guess they’ve bought into the notion that Satan can beat God; and probably because they genuinely like evil.


It’s not my place to judge other religion’s worthiness. I hold individuals accountable for their own actions.


I would say none. Who gives me the power to summarily condemn an entire religious/philosophic movement based upon the actions of those who call themselves that. I would hate to see Islam eradicated. I’d like to see it reformed and more civilized like the reformation of christianity in the 1500s. But I don’t want to get rid of any religion, even satan worshippers. Is it my place to be God?


I wouldn’t worry about it; God will take care of it ultimately.

But as to Satan worship? Absolutely it exists! I remember when Johnny Carson had as a guest a man calling himself “the high priest of the church of Satan.” First time I ever saw Johnny Carson completely nonplussed. (is that the word I want?) And some people seek power and they don’t want it from God who has standards, so they turn to Satan. Some want power who won’t accept the existence of God, but will accept the existence of Satan. Don’t ask me to explain why they do; I haven’t the foggiest. I just know that they do.


I would remove the extremists of all religions.

That should instantly solve most of the problems in the world.


An excellent answer and sentiment but I do have a follow-up question. What are the characteristics of an extremists?


If someone’s religion leads them to violence or hatred, the world would be a much better place without them.


How Arrogant! Who are any of you to say what is what? God does the sorting not man. I’m not surprised Trekky started this. Another way to slap at what one does not understand.


Get off your high horse, please. This is a discussion about which religion we think is the worst. No one’s doing any sorting.


**Damn it Trekky don’t be an ass. Whether or not I like or do not like a “religion” it is not up to me or anybody else. I am fast not liking you at all.
Whatever religion is ut there all are false. Christianity is NOT a religion. Never was, never should be. It IS A RELATIONSHIP with the Living God. Now quit your baiting and grow up.
God, as I said before, will sort all things out in His time.


Now Now, no need for violence, gentlemen. njc17, though the question is baited, doesn’t mean it is somehow a bad thread. Trekkie threw this out there because he is fascinated with the subject. He was hoping to start a discussion with others on the subject. If people thought it was stupid, this would have joined the million of other threads that end up with no replys (Hell half of those are probably mine). So, come on, its just a conversation/debate topic.

Trekkie, no need to antagonize someone else with harsh words. Try using nice words. Now you two, shake. And don’t make me turn this car around.


I actually stole this question from somewhere else because I thought it was a good question. Though I phrased it a bit better; originally it was “Which religion deserves to die?” I didn’t think that was appropriate.


The usual nonsense thread from trekky. Reveals plenty his lack of knowledge on another subject.