If you keep folding a paper in half, what will it look like


In other words, if you keep folding a strip of paper in half the same way, then unfold it and look at the peaks and valleys in the strip, what will that pattern look like?

Turns out like this, a recursion of repeated folding and repeating. It’s called a dragon curve.


Cool, i think.


By the way, when will you update your political views survey with your fiscal positions?


I got tired and forgot about it. Maybe I’ll do the whole thing this afternoon.


Looks interesting trekky, now you peeked my interest.
With my curiousity and chronic OCD ill be researching dragon curves into the ground hehe.
How have u been my friend?
Hope all is all with you?


I’m ok. :slight_smile: Life’s a journey, and I’m just trying to find a path.


You seem like an honest seeker, and seeking is is all we can ask of ourselves.
I’m confident that you will find that path my friend.


Trekky, I did do some research into the dragon curve. It seems like it has a relation with phi (what is commonly referred to as the golden ratio) and Fibonacci numbers. I just started reading about the golden ratio a few months ago, but I’ve known about Fibonacci numbers since 1999 when I was a daytrader.The golden ratio should really fascinate you :slight_smile:http://www.sacred-geometry.es/en/content/phi-and-music-dnaThis is a good place to start


Oops here is the link.

Phi and Music in DNA | Sacred Geometry

I sure hope they fix this editing error here. :slight_smile:


You should watch this channel on YouTube all about numbers and such:


What channel Trekky. I have watched a few golden ratio channels.
It’s interesting that most artistic rendering of beauty contain the golden ratio in them.
Could it be an objective number that denotes beauty?


Trekky, here’s a book I think you will find interesting that has to do with the golden ratio
The Golden Ratio: The Story of PHI, the World’s Most Astonishing Number: Mario Livio: 9780767908160: Amazon.com: Books


Here is a great website with a load of information on the golden ratio