‘If You’re Old Enough To Drive, Get A Job’ Sign Aimed At Pokémon Go Players…


The trendy Pokemon Go game has kept the parking lot in front of Gino’s Pizza in the Woodlake subdivision in Chesterfield bustling, but Gino’s owner said the game is hurting his business.
“In this particular spot they have two Pokestops that are right next to each other,” Dyllan Bergman said while playing the game inside of his car.
John Picone, who owns Gino’s Pizza, said he’s fed up.
“I gotta have spaces for my customers, we’ve been here for 29 years,” Picone said.
He said Pokemon players are taking up spots in the parking lot and not buying anything.


Can you blame him?


Put up signs that says parking is for customers only and have them towed.


Would you care to speculate on how many Pokeman Go players are Democrats? I’ll it’s something on the order of well over half with the rest falling in to the low information “independent” crowd who luckily if they who running for president. Jesse Waters interviews them all the time on Fox News.


It’s escapism. I can’t hardly blame them for that - I’m doing my share of it, too. No, not playing Pokemon Go; but I’m touring Glacier and Yellowstone parks by motorcycle, later this month.

Escapism. Difference is, I’d like to think I’m up to speed on current events - and I know we’re screwed. They don’t know why things are farkled up…they just know they are.


I’ve actually heard more businesses say the pokemon thing has helped them, rather than hurt them. Example, this small business owner: Ice cream shop owner triples sales thanks to Pokemon Go


There’s crony-corporatists who think huge deficit spending and QE are great things, too.

One needs to step back and look at the bigger picture.


Nah, I’d have to say he’s right. The promising things about augmented reality tech are immense, and Pokemon Go is just showing us the tip of the iceberg of what it can do.

This will evolve into a whole new industry that’ll do games, and so much more.

I knew playing around with tech on my 2DS three years ago that this would shake things up. I didn’t expect Pokemon to be the first catalyst, but in hindsight, there was no reason for it not to be.


It’s kind of hard to imagine a whole new industry built around people with too much time on their hands and nothing to do.

If these people, most of them, could find work, they wouldn’t be playing these stupid games. This is INFANTILE. It’s disturbed people without work who are trying escapism.

Once the money to have/keep smartphone connections goes away, and it will, soon…that’s the end of this foolishness.