If you were the GOP Nominee...


Who would you pick as your running mate and why?

Personally since my strengths lie in my fiscal and domestic policies my top two choices would be Condoleezza Rice and Rick Santorum.

Condoleezza Rice would be a major plus for foreign affairs (my weakness area) and wouldn’t drag down the ticket with social conservatives since I’m strongly pro-life anyway.

Rick Santorum would help with the religious right and has strong foreign policy chops too.

In the end I’d probably pick Rice though.


How it really works is that the candidate typically does not pick his favorite partner for the job. He picks the one who can:

  1. Deliver a piece of geography in the national election…especially a swing state.
  2. Reassure the base of the party (moderate picks conservative or conservative picks moderate)
  3. Appeal to a demographic that he does not do well with in hopes of picking up votes.

If the pick is Romney…then the most natural pick to fulfill all three criteria is Rubio. Florida, Tea Party and Hispanic.
Santorum and Rice only get one out of three.


Marco Rubio, becauase he is a great conservatine & Republican and shows Hispanics that they do not need to buy into the lies of the Democrat party.


Holy sh*t!




Luis Fortuno, Governor of Peurto Rico.

He is young and Hispanic(fluent in both languages as well) like Rubio but is far more conservative*, and an “outsider”. Assuming he is legally qualified I would go with him.

*Fortuno put Scott Walker to shame with what he has done in office. Rubio is weak on immigration, big on spreading world democracy.

If I only cared about winning, John Thune would be one of my choices. He has actor looks and is from the Midwest, he has the classic American look IMO.


If I only cared about winning, John Thune would be one of my choices. He has actor looks and is from the Midwest, he has the classic American look IMO.

Hence your infatuation with RP! :smiley:

Seriously…last time you posted on Fortuno, I read up on him and he looks good. Don’t know that he meets the “delivering a geographic area” criteria though…but might be a very good guy to have in the cabinet or other important post.

Swing states this year are : VA, NC, IN, OH, PA, WI, NV, FL, NM, NH, MI, IA and CO… credible candidates from those states would be most likely.
VA governor McConnel is popular and has a great record, No one in NC, Daniels in IN, Kasich in OH, PA??? , WI???, NV???, FL Rubio, Scott, Bush NM Martinez, NH Ayotte MI ??? IA??? CO Tancredo

Anyone know anyone else good from these states?


Fortuno would be helpful in the areas with high Latino populations-NM, NV, CO, FL

Note on New Mexico-Gary Johnson has a great chance at swinging them to Obama

I have a tough time thinking of some good candidates that would help in the white, blue collar worker states. Who are some politically viable populists? Pat Buchanan, Buddy Roemer…they really aren’t VP material

Another option I have thought about is a cross-party ticket. That would really shake things up. The trouble is finding a Democrat who could be somewhat acceptable.

Also, if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, he should be a top choice for VP.

1-To bring his supporters on board.
2-Independents and anti-war Democrats love him.

This VP thing is way too complicated, but fun to speculate.


I understand Ron is Mitts pick for Chairman of the Fed! :smiley:


Ha. I doubt it.


Never bought into the notion of ‘staffing weakness’ by the VP pick. My VP would be picked expressly and solely to continue my policies. Santorum.


Best PA pick would be (assuming Romney is NOT the top) Senator Pat Toomey. He has a strong financial background. He is not perfect but is close as you get these days.

[SIZE=3]Sen. Toomey has introduced a 10-year balanced budget proposal that received more votes in the Senate than any other budget plan this year, and he has successfully helped cut federal red tape for local communities and job creators in Pennsylvania.

About Sen. Toomey | Pat Toomey | Senator for Pennsylvania



Toomey is a hell of a lot better than the guy Santorum backed for that job!


And then was back-stabbed by said person two years later.


Well whoever I pick would have to be less conservative than me. I’d probably pick U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH)


I think I prefer Rice at this point as a good fit for Mitt. I understand she doesn’t excite the base, but she represents competence and experience in foreign policy, and reinforces Mitt’s message of seriousness in serious times. After all, the current President entered office with the least experience since Chester Arthur. I like the contrast that Mitt/Rice provides.

A drawback is that Romney/Rice is countered with Obama/Clinton. Whose convention comes first this year? The veep choice can be influenced by who picks first.


lol you want two moderates on the ticket? good luck with that


Well, JC, thinking about it some more the Veep candidate I’d really like to see is Chris Christie. Condi for Sec. of State.


I like Christie too…but he ain’t a choice that will help Romney. More moderate…can’t deliver his state…can’t deliver an electoral segment that Romney doesn’t already own…doesn’t broaden the geography. I do hope there is an important role for him in the Romney administration if he will take it.


The advantage Christie brings to the ticket is he can articulate the conservative position and he FIGHTS.