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Need to update you all.
This past Saturday, I had another of my heart attacks and on Tuesday received a 6th stent as well had a dual ballooning of impacted arteries. Not sure how much more this old body can take but we shall persevere. It is amazing in just a few short years just how advanced heart care has become. This stent and the ensuing ballooning was done from the wrist and not the groin, hence less recuperative time. I came home yesterday, one day after the procedure. But today I am quite exhausted.


I am so sorry to hear that. Very glad you’re home now and able to rest. And yes…aren’t the advances in heart care really amazing? Hope you continue to feel better and rest as much as possible. Thoughts and prayers sent your way!


Sorry to hear about your heart attack, njc. But you’ve been actually doing well. Unlike my brother, who had a heart attack, 3 stents, then died of complications within a few weeks.


Glad you’re back, NJC! Sorry to hear about your heart problems–which I share, by the way. I have 8 stents, 3 by-passes and a new pig valve in my aorta.


Glad to hear they are getting better at patching up things, I expect I will be needing a lot of that myself :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update NJC and make sure you get enough rest!


Just hold it together until God says it’s time to move to your permanent home. :smile:


Exactly what he said!

Glad you’re home NJC.


My thoughts and prayers for you at this time…


Thank you guys and gals.