Illegal immigrants blocked at border pray for Trump’s defeat, ‘I want Trump out’

The number one reason that Americans need to re-elect President Trump!:tired_face:


I’m sure many of you here do this too: I pray night and morning for this president. One of the things I pray is for God to put his protective angels around the Trump family, around the white house and at our borders (all of them). I ask that any one approaching our borders for whatever reason, evil in particular, that they come to the border and sense something very fearful…so fearful that they turn around and go back from whence they came.

I believe God has given his people a respite with the election of Donald Trump… We need to make sure he is re=elected. and we need to start praying for the man who will carry on the Trump legacy in 2024. This won’t last forever…satan is always devising another plan of attack to thwart God’s judgement.


This is PRECISELY why we MUST have SECURE voter ID, secure borders, stop the nonsense of giving illegals drivers’ licenses, eliminate all “benefits” to illegals that attract them here, punish employers who HIRE illegals and deport illegals who are already here, regardless of the cost.