Illegal voters (aliens) may decide 2016 election!


SEE: Bombshell: Over 1,000 Illegal Voters in Eight Virginia Localities

Oct. 2, 2016

***”More than 1,000 aliens, or residents who are not U.S. citizens, have been free to vote illegally in Virginia.

The bombshell disclosure was made in a report released by the Virginia Voters Alliance based on findings from the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

The 1,046 Virginia voters may just be the tip of the iceberg, as it’s only the number found in eight Virginia localities, the report reads. The report found that the most illegal votes were cast in 2012, followed by 2008, the year President Obama was elected to his first term. In both years, Obama won Virginia.”***

There is no question that the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration has been working feverishly to flood our country with millions of poverty stricken aliens from Mexico and Central America, not to mention the tens of thousands of “refugees” from Islamic controlled countries who are also destitute and dependent for their survival.

And, in addition to filling our country with the poverty stricken populations of other countries, the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration has also worked overtime to find ways to get this financially dependent class of people to vote. This of course is part of Obama’s [the Democrat party leadership’s] desire to fundamentally transform America into a country with the vast majority of its population dependent upon “free” government cheese, who in turn have a vested interest to vote for politicians who promise to use government force to finance their personal economic needs. As I write this, Hillary Clinton is on the campaign trail promising to give free tuition to college students including illegal aliens. Of course, graduate students who have worked their way through college and are now in the work force will be the ones who are taxed to pay for the “free” tuition promised by Hillary.

And what was the thinking of our founding fathers regarding the use of government force to transfer the product of one individual’s labor to another for their personal use and enjoyment? The following summarizes such actions as “tyranny”!

***“Under a just and equal Government, every individual is entitled to protection in the enjoyment of the whole product of his labor, except such portion of it as is necessary to enable Government to protect the rest; this is given only in consideration of the protection offered. In every bounty, exclusive right, or monopoly, Government violates the stipulation on her part; for, by such a regulation, the product of one man’s labor is transferred to the use and enjoyment of another. The exercise of such a right on the part of Government can be justified on no other principle, than that the whole product of the labor or every individual is the real property of Government, and may be distributed among the several parts of the community by government discretion; such a supposition would directly involve the idea, that every individual in the community is merely a slave and bondsman to Government, who, although he may labor, is not to expect protection in the product of his labor. An authority given to any Government to exercise such a principle, would lead to a complete system of tyranny.” ___ *** See Representative Giles, speaking before Congress February 3rd, 1792


***“To lay with one hand the power of the government on the property of the citizen [a working person’s earned wage] and with the other to bestow upon favored individuals, to aid private enterprises and build up private fortunes [the Obama/Hillary Clinton Administration’s Solyndra, Chevy Volt, Fisker, Exelon swindling deals] is none the less a[SIZE=5] robbery because it is done under forms of law and called taxation.”***____ Savings and Loan Assc. v.Topeka,(1875).


And unfortunately, illegals add to an existing problem;

> Chris Matthews, the liberal MSNBC host who comes from Pennsylvania, vehemently opposes requiring ID at polling places. But he agrees that voter fraud is a Philadelphia tradition. In 2011, on his show Hardball, he explained a common scheme: People call up, see if you voted or you’re not going to vote. Then all of a sudden somebody does come and vote for you. This is an old strategy in big-city politics. . . . I know all about it in North Philly — it’s what went on, and I believe it still goes on.

> Donald Trump Voter Fraud Warning: He

If you Google “Philadelphia voter fraud” there are many stories to make you sick about our corrupt voting system.

Democrats say it’s impossible for a Republican to win Pennsylvania and here is why;

> Everyone knows there is something wrong but no one wants to do anything about it. Welcome to Philadelphia. The only solace for the residents of the city is the knowledge that if you die between now and 2016, you’ll still be eligible to vote and someone will probably do it for you. It is a joke that is getting old.

> Read more at It’s Time for a Real Investigation Into Philadelphia Voter Fraud | The Philly Post | News | Philadelphia Magazine


I have been saying all along that illegals can and will vote.

The ONLY votes Trump will get will be form legal voters and this means he CANNOT win, he cannot get there from here.


Investigation launched after dead people are registered to vote in Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg officials and the FBI are investigating allegations of voter registration fraud after officials say almost 20 voter applications were turned in under the names of dead people.

Harrisonburg Registrar Debbie Logan said Thursday that investigators have found from 18 to 20 potentially fraudulent registrations. The Rockingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office confirmed Thursday that an investigation is underway, but offered no additional details on the case.

The applications were turned in by a voter registration group called HarrisonburgVOTES, officials said. The group’s representatives could not be reached for comment Thursday. No charges have been filed.

The Breeze, the student newspaper of James Madison University, reported that the applications were submitted by a student working for the group. The problem came to light when an employee in the registrar’s office noticed a new registration had come in from Richard Claybrook Sr., the late father of a well-known local judge.

“When they used a distinguished resident of Harrisonburg’s name and address, it came to the attention of an employee who has worked in the city for many years,” Logan said.

Voter Fraud: Dead People Voting in Colorado

Voter Fraud: Dead People Voting in Colorado

by Katherine Rodriguez24 Sep 20161,353

A recent investigation into Colorado’s voter rolls found that dead men and women had fraudulently cast votes in multiple state elections.
CBS4 reported multiple cases of voter fraud after the station compared voting histories in Colorado with a federal death database.

“We do believe there were several instances of potential vote fraud that occurred,” said Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams to CBS4. “It shows there is the potential for fraud.”

The TIP of the ICEBERG!!!


SEE: US immigration policies allow gangs to thrive in violence-plagued NY community, say critics

October 3rd, 2016

***”Compounding matters for some communities on Long Island, which has been plagued with violent crimes from the notorious El Salvadoran gang MS-13, is Suffolk County’s status as a sanctuary county. The Center for Immigration Studies reports that Sheriff Vincent DeMarco, who could not be reached for comment, refuses to honor Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers without a warrant.

Vaughan noted that illegal immigrants have a big incentive to sign up as sponsors of unaccompanied children, whether they are family or not: Doing so shields them from deportation.

Curtis Sliwa, founder of the community protection group the Guardian Angels, said Suffolk County being a sanctuary region only empowers MS-13.”***

It is beyond human comprehension that Hillary Clinton has so many American citizens as supporters when her desire is to flood American with the world’s poverty stricken populations of other countries, not to mention opening its arms to “refugees” from Islamic controlled countries. Every Western culture country in Europe which has opened its arms to unprecedented immigration from poverty stricken countries is paying a very, very severe price. Is this what Hillary Clinton’s supporters really want?


CLICK HERE to listen to Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase “refugees” from Islamic controlled countries by 550%. And this does not even include her plan to give legal status and work permits to millions of foreigners who have invaded our borders from Mexico and Central America.


See: Border report: Illegal immigration set to break record, VIP smuggling offered


***“Central Americans continue to arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border in surprising numbers. While they have not yet surpassed the peak of fiscal year 2014, August 2016 had the highest number of [unaccompanied children] and family unit apprehensions of any August in the past five years including 2014. Normally, apprehensions begin to decline in August because of the heat and the reduced demand for seasonal labor in the U.S. – which makes the increased apprehension numbers this August surprising,” said the report.

The report said that economic opportunity in the United States continues to drive illegal immigration as did the desire by those deported to get back to their life, and families, in America.”***

The economic “opportunity” which is attracting the poverty stricken populations of other countries is the Obama / Hillary Clinton Administration’s willingness to make American citizens tax slaves to support the economic needs of those who invade America’s borders.


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax slaves and forced to finance the personal economic needs of millions of foreigners who have invaded America’s borders.


SEE: 87 arrested in Nevada in immigration raids

May 17, 2016

***”Of the foreign nationals apprehended during the enforcement action, 20 had prior felony convictions and two were documented members of violent street gangs. Last week’s arrestees’ criminal histories included past convictions for drug trafficking, weapons violations, child sex offenses, and domestic violence. Four of those taken into custody were criminal aliens who now face federal prosecution for re-entry after deportation, a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Among those arrested in the Las Vegas area were:

A previously deported 55-year-old Mexican national with a prior felony conviction for transporting and selling heroin; A 57-year-old Mexican national convicted of lewdness with a child under 14 that resulted in a four to 10-year sentence in state prison; and a 42-year-old Salvadoran national with multiple prior felony convictions, including one for statutory sexual seduction.

The Reno arrests included:

 A 33-year-old Mexican national with past convictions for drug trafficking, domestic battery, and DUI; and a A 19-year-old Mexican national gang member with prior convictions for resisting an officer and robbery.”***

Between Hillary Clinton’s open border policy and the opportunity for her to nominate two or possibly 3 Supreme Court Justices, if she is elected our country will never be able to recover from the irreversible damage allowed by her election.


What did Hillary Clinton really say about the TPP [Trans Pacific Partnership] deal? *** CLICK HERE to hear the startling truth.