Illegals entering Canada


I dunno what to say about this, but it’s funny on so many ways.


There has actually been a lot of talk about this, a lot of people are pretty upset with the amount of illegal entries happening all across the Canadian border. Made me think of that one south park episode about Canada building a wall…


I hope they do build one. Just like the one we need across the Southern border.


Divided by Tim Marshall

He’s not against walls; he goes into details in a few places where walls have been effective. But he does expose why a wall for us will be ineffective; a symbol at best. A propagated idea where people are made to think something is being done; just like politics in general.


We’re quickly reaching the point where we’re going to be FORCED to shoot people sneaking across our borders.


Borders would be easier to enforce, if you just had a guest worker program for migrant workers to use.

There’d be less chaff for bad actors like Drug & gun runners to hide among, and there’d be far less people doing it in general.


How many “guest workers” do you suppose, came here as “guest workers” and simply STAYED, AS? I would suggest to you that it’s MILLIONS, but we have no way of knowing.


You mean, because our immigration system screws up constantly, and doesn’t give people the ability to renew?

Fact of the matter is; harsher enforcement, encourages people to stay. If we didn’t do that, migrants would be more cyclical, coming & going, because then they’d know that they could leave & get back in later without much hassle.

This has been debunked.

Unless you’re saying we can’t estimate population in area period, we know how many illegals there are, through their consumption.

We know what it looks like when 10 million are ordering food, vs 40 million. The estimates can’t be far off.
Saying the estimate has a variance of +/i 3-400,000 , is not the same as saying it could be 3-4x more, you have that confused Dave.


BS, AS. We have NO POSSIBLE WAY to determine WHO it is ordering tacos, other than how many tacos are being bought. “Consumption” has NOTHING to do with whether or not the consumers are legal or illegals. Where do you GET such crap?


We know how many citizens & legal people live in a given area.

Subtract their consumption out, you’re left with the illegals.

We know how many there are, by virtue of the extra consumption.

And unless you’re saying the illegals are Dwarves on Spartan diets, it gives us a pretty good idea of how many there are.


Nonsense. How would you know whether it was legal residents binging on tacos or everyone–including illegals–having a few? That’s nonsense and I think even you know it.


Nope, that isn’t relevant to what I said.

We know how many legal people there are in a given area (say it’s 10 million)

If there’s then 12 million people’s worth of consumption in that area, then we know there’s ~2 million illegals there.

We discern the population by what remains.

Now that’s simplified; I’m not accounting at all for travelers. But that’s the gist.

There’s extra consumption going on, and if it can’t be attributed to the people who we know & expect to be living there, then the rest is attributed to illegals.

If anything, you would overestimate through this approach.


Nonsense. The lefties have been “advising” people for DECADES now to LIE to the census–or refuse to answer census questionaires. Fact is, we DON’T know how many people live in a given area…legally OR illegally. I wish I had a quarter for every time–as a police officer 50 years ago–that I discovered two DOZEN illegals living in a single-family apartment or house that the census claimed housed a four-person family, based on their “estimates.” There USED to be an old joke about taking a census in the LA barrios. “You count the number of broken basement windows and multiply by 36.”


Yes we do; otherwise, food and electricity would run short.

Economists have known how to estimate population for Decades; next you’re going to tell me that we don’t have any idea of how many Americans there are.

It could be 700 million! (sarc).


Have you been IN a supermarket in the past few years? There’s is NEVER a time when the shelves are even close to empty in normal conditions.


Yes, which defeats your argument. We have to have some idea of what demand is, thus, we have to have some idea of what the population is.


BS. Are you SERIOUSLY claiming that supermarkets stock there shelves according to what the government says the nearby population wants to consume???


BS. I’m saying they wouldn’t know how big to make the stores or how to stock it, if they had no idea what the demand will be. And they find that out, thanks to research by Actuaries.

Actuaries live and breathe by estimating population and their long-term dynamics; it’s hilarious to me that you think their job doesn’t exist.

Demographics, is what they do.


So you’re happy to put your life in the hands of people who make a living ESTIMATING things? Not me. I’ve seen too many cases where they were WILDLY wrong…such as November, 2016 for example.


I’m saying you’ve willfully confused two different things, to hide how your argument doesn’t follow.

We don’t know the exact the figures and that’s what you’re leaning on here, but we do know the ballpark.

Meaning there can be a range of a few hundred thousand, but there cannot be 2, or 3, or 4x times the number estimated. These are not the same thing.

Unless you’re saying there could be 740 million Americans, you admit that demographers can do their damn jobs.

And considering over a dozen industries rely on demographers being in the ballpark; Insurance, benefit corporations, supermarket logistics, retirement homes, banks; you’d be ridiculous to assert otherwise.