Illegals Get Baby Formula First

No idea how true this is but like everything else this corrupt administration does … it wouldn’t surprise me!

The administration is looking to avoid a lawsuit holding kids for asylum is risky business but the right insisted on not cutting them loose. I’ve heard others remark this is an awful time to end Roe V Wade. By the way I am 30 minutes from Gerber Headquarters, and I can tell you its not a supply chain issue. They have formula but due to some of it being tainted every lot has to be tested before leaving the door until I dunno when. I’ve been helping new mothers in Muskegon helping Muskegon with an oatmeal substitute that mimics formula. It’s nice to outrage post, but its awesome to actually solve the problem. Again a horrid time to overturn roe v wade.

Carthago delenda est

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so Cato’s argument points to circular logic… see this reference is so obscure and its tied in with concepts involving adnausem and circular logic. Heres some latin for you Ex Post Facto… people have been living with certain expectations for 50 yeas and to change the rules middle of the game is Ex Post Facto. Does that make me smart, no it just means that 33% are trying to force 60% of people to feel one way and the other 18% have mixed views. You’re party is like the dog who finally bit the car becareful what you wish for. The fact Trump is silent on the issue speaks volumes. He likely didn’t realize what he was doing. He likey couldn’t name what the federalist society even stood for. Thirdly the fact corporations are siding against you means no Fascism for you lol. I was worried the slow moving coup was going to be successful then the corporate types and deep state go running to us. Check Flipping mate.

That’s who said it, but not the reference. It’s not the logic, it’s the rhetorical technique.

Where the question demands the answer?

Starving People Need ____
A Food
B Stones
C Life Jackets

In a world with formula shortages we should.
A. Send Roe Back to the States so majority of southern states ban in cases of rape and incest.
B. Restrict Abortion Access Federally with a republican congress and Trump 2.0
C. Keep the status Quo, and respect the integrity of 50 years of case law.

What are your answers on questions 1. and 2. on who wants to work for Brookings or be a Post Graduate Wannabe?

Its a fun little thing called logic we humans have used since the enlightenment age. Honestly part of me wants your party to Shart the bed this hard part of me doesn’t want an interruption civil rights regarding reproduction in the middle of a formula crisis.
Did Cato shoot his foot a lot?
If Kavanaugh, Gorsch and Barnett don’t change their votes they lied to the senate btw. They will have lied as hard to Senator Susan Collins as she lied to Maine voters to get in the senate.

Post Leak polling shows huge jump in democrats who respond using violence is needed to achieve political discourse. That number was 12 and 14% (DEM Rep) pre leak and now its 18 and 14% (post leak).

You’re still missing it.

It’s not what the words mean; it’s how he used them. That’s what I’m getting at.

Daniel Hannan did the same thing when it came to the EU.

rhetoric, a rhetorical device, persuasive device, or stylistic device is a technique that an author or speaker uses to convey to the listener or reader a meaning with the goal of persuading them.

I’m sorry this is a nuance so fine and figurative that it even exceeds me. Maybe it’s a personal nuance.

It’s not figurative, it’s literally, did you bother to read the history of the statement?

What Cato was doing? Which was very simple, very blunt, and very repetitive. So repetitive the EU made Hannan stop doing his own take.

That’s the comparison I’m drawing.

Okay… but I simply asked is this really the time to dial roe v wade back during a formula shortage and you could say. Like well yes the right to life doesn’t suddenly go away because food has. Rather you quote Cato hide behind a thin veneer of intellectualism because you know your party is about to crap the bed.

If there is a party that is “crapping the bed,” it’s Biden and the Democrats.

The more they spend giving food, shelter and medical care to illegals, the less there will be for you. Your vote is in their hip pocket, so they don’t need to cater to you. Even when you get mad and vote for the Green Party, it’s pretty much the same thing.

it costs them votes they do pay attention to that vote so they don’t over cater to the Center.

Nah, I think you still missed it.

From the Wikipedia page for Carthago delenda est

“Cato, a veteran of the Second Punic War, was shocked by Carthage’s wealth, which he considered dangerous for Rome. He then relentlessly called for its destruction and ended all of his speeches with the phrase, even when the debate was on a completely different matter.”

Just repeating it enough times, whenever he felt.

No nuance at all.

You counter my argument with facts rather than just quote some Archaic Latin I dunno you been taking your meds or is that fasting getting to ya?

I’m not countering the argument; I’m drawing a comparison to the lack of relevance.

It’s not that they’re connected, your just bringing it up wherever. Just like Cato.

your right its a good time to end roe in the middle of a baby food shortage. It’s a great time to have intercourse infront of a 100’s of people. It’s good to play with fire around dry grass. Screw logic as long as its repetitive it should be ignored.

Nah, this is spitballs on the wall.

There’s no evidence ending Roe V. Wade will increase the birth rate. You’re making this up as you go.

Insert “everything is fine dog”… I think you know your goose is cooked. Like the Lead in Italy and The Troubles in Ireland… your goose is cooked.

False equivalency. Making this up as you go, called it.

Be confident it’s good to be confident.