Illegals Get Baby Formula First

Yes; I’m confident you didn’t understand the reference, you jumped to the wrong conclusion.

And that, per typical, when you failed to do any research, you just made **** up as you went to complain how people don’t see things the same or with the same urgency as you.

The bigger problem to me, is that you’re acting entitled right now, and you do this in every conversation.

No, I don’t have to agree with you. Deal with it.

If you want to pull a Send and make false equivalency because I’m not even interested in this conversation, that’s a “you” problem.

Poorly representing your side of an argument, makes it less likely people see it your way.
So by all means, be a bad representative.

I conceded the argument during a infant food crisis its a good time to pull Roe V Wade what do you want from me man I’m literally licking your boots you are like some kind of genius I’m too stupid to understand it. It’s not a thin veneer of intellectualism you are like Harvard level bright, you should run for office you could win in a blue state with those wits boy.

Ir doesn’t surprise me if this were to be the case. Americans don’t vote for democrats anymore. they have to buy votes in the upcoming elections where laws/rules mean nothing and various communist strongholds in this country are allowing non-citizens to vote