Illinois' unpaid bills are stacking up, but those being paid are just as infuriating

  • Illinois has been without a state budget for two years - meaning that there have been no budget cuts despite lower revenue, meaning the state’s debt is filling a bigger and bigger pit every single day.
    That’s distressing for most Illinois taxpayers who are confused about what’s going on, what’s getting paid, what isn’t getting paid and for the most part - most just don’t really want to know.
    Sort of like a cancer diagnosis - thinking maybe if we ignore the situation, it will correct itself or go away altogether.
    However, now even Republican lawmakers won’t promise to block more and more tax hikes after the November election. That means that while property taxes soar, a new service tax and a state income tax hike are on the way.
    Almost as if both Republicans and Democrats want those of us that work hard everyday to pay taxes to just shut up and keep paying - and don’t you dare express any outrage with their expenditures because we taxpayers just don’t have enough sense to know how badly our dollars are needed to keep the state afloat.
    Oh, and 70,000 vouchers remain unpaid. Imagine seeing that stack on your kitchen table.

Don’t any elected officials care how taxpayers are finding enough after taxes to feed their kids, pay skyrocketing health care demands, higher gas prices, utility costs and on and on?
In the meantime, Adam Andrzejewski’s American Transparency found time to dig through what exactly our lawmakers have been doing with our hard-earned tax dollars. And it’s not pretty. Indeed, it’s darned ugly.
From Forbes’

The top 25 accounts paid by the Comptroller received $21.8 billion. The vast majority of the payments were for social safety-net healthcare providers ($5.9 billion); the Teachers Retirement System pension payment ($3.224 billion); Cook County ($2.7 billion); Chicago Board of Education ($2.1 billion); Regional Transportation Authority ($1.7 billion); and transfer payments to the state treasurer or banks.
Here are some of the entities receiving the large state payments in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016:

Illinois’ unpaid bills are stacking up, but those being paid are just as infuriating - Illinois Review

Keep in mind that Chicago is taking most of the money as well as being a sanctuary city and the rest of the state is paying for it. A few years back we had a temporary income tax increase which actually was stopped which is unusual because once government gets that money they find ways to spend it without paying existing bills.

By now everyone should know how I feel when I hear the plight of Illinois while also seeing the government start programs to care for illegals or grow drugs and what ever they decide is more important.


I know NOTHING about Illinois. So tell me is the governor a democrat?


Nope but the parties here are basically the same. We are famous so to speak for having our governors put in prison. That should give you an idea. I had read that soon after this republican governor came to power he gave a 6 figure job to a politican crony’s kid straight out of high school. Get the point?


Most corrupt state in the US and rotted to the core due to it being Dim run since the 30’s


Corrupt? Yes. Most corrupt? Questionable. New York and California are contenders.


I think that when we are talking corruption in politics it ranges from “very corrupt to very much more corrupt”.
Thinking back I think that I can remember 1 statement from a politician that I believe was honestly true. John Connally (TX senator) was once accused of taking a bribe of $20,000. His reply to the accusation was: I’m a multi millionaire, $20,000 wouldn’t buy my time, much les a favor. I took that as probably being the truth.


That logic was probably true for John Connally, but it doesn’t apply to Hillary Clinton. That fountainhead of corruption is worth over $100 million, but I’ll bet if you waved $20,000 under her snout for a favor she’d find a way to get it.


I lived in Illinois years ago. When Richard Ogilvie (was that his name?), a Republican, was Sheriff of Cook County, he spit in Mayor Daley’s eye. When he was elected governor (based partly on that) he started sucking up to Daley.


LOL, yes that is true, when he died, he was so crooked they actually had to screw his body into the ground, but he knew how to be corrupt, he and LBJ took care of Texas…