I'm a Nigerian Scammer!


Am thomas by name and is good to be here…




Welcome to RO!


****Welcome aboard!


Glad you’re here.


Welcome to RO!



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Welcome aboard.

I am the house liberal Democrat. I do not like your screen name. I spend my days going around to speeches of people such as CHarles Murrau amd Ayaan Hirsi Ali and disrupting them, by screaming, pulling fire alarms and attacking police officers and babies in strollers. As for my posts you can expect little besides vituperative personal attacks and foul language.


Bye bye Mr Nigerian Scammer. You can solicit money from someone else now. Oh, and No, you cannot be my friend. Request Rejected.


Suspect from the beginning. That’s why I didn’t welcome him. or her. or them.


So there are regressive libstain dims around here.


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Better cash your paycheck from Scamsters R Us quickly, doubtful “thomas”. They may put a Stop Payment on it for Ineptitude in Spamming.


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It might be redundant to say it, but to those reading this thread without knowing the context, please understand that all the welcomes were posted before the thread title was changed…


Susannah’s correct. R.t was considered dubious when he was allowed in, but we Bogey-Moderators are kind and merciful.

But now, let the :deadhorse:ing begin!


I’m a Democrat. Does that count as being a libstain?