I'm BACK!!


Holy moly! It’s been over 2 months since I’ve been able to post! I had to change my email account because the old one wasn’t working–Outlook/Hotmail account. I had that account since 1997.

Anyway, thanks to FC and Susanna and whoever helped get me back. I missed you guys so much–especially now right before the election!



Glad you’re back, CT. I was beginning to worry!


Woo! Hooooooo!


Welcome back, Teri!


Since I’ve just come back myself, this is good news.


Does happy-as-a-Clam dance

The “whoever else” (at least the ones I know of) would be 2cent for letting me know about the problem, and 'Nutjob for fixing it.


Glad you come back home…:wink:


Thanks y’all! It’s so good to be back. There were so many times I wanted to respond to some posts and wasn’t able to do so. Very frustrating.

Yes, I’ve thanked 2cent, FC, and Susanna. I should thank 'Nutjob as I haven’t yet. WHEREVER YOU ARE, 'NUTJOB, THANKS A MILLION FOR FIXING THE PROBLEMS!!


You’re very welcome :slight_smile: Glad to have you back.