I'm exhausted and sick of demoncrats.


I have my views that few can affect and/or change aside from providing undisputable facts and their reasons for existing.

The election proved that we have gone past the tipping point. With the present situation, the Reps should have been able to run a turd against Obama and win. It was 1980 all over again accept Romney was no Reagan. The other difference from then is that at least half the population are dependent upon the government and they expect to other half to pay for their free stuff. Until the number of people on the dole are reduced, it will only get worse for anyone that has a job. The Demoncrats have the key to staying in power even if they can be proven to be treasoneus failures–make at least half of the population dependent upon you.

I fear that our only hope is collapse of their house of cards that will fall apart as soon as they start denying people their free stuff because other people’s money is gone.



I agree.


This coming year will be one hell of a rough ride and maybe a mild (hopefully mild) crash.

Here is a growing list of jobs being lost by the day;

How Many Companies Announced Closings or Layoffs Since Obama Won A Second Term? | TheBlaze.com



I say we beat the Dems at their own game by going on Welfare.

Seriously. As many of us who possibly can.

#1. Why should we support that which we neither mindfully, nor morally, support?
#2. Meanwhile, going broke ourselves, losing the ability to supoort our own.
#3. The quicker we bankrupt CONgress of its ability to spend, (its power), the quicker they’ll go away.

Actually, it’d be the moral thing to do.


What I am sick of, is the behavior the democrats embrace, the Republicans are also starting to show as well. It used to be the Republican and Democat parties were as different as night and day.

Now they are merely different shades of the same color

No longer are we a party of principle, but of compromise, and have been for a while.