I'm not a republican, sincerely yours

I want to say that I am not a republican. In my first presidential election, I voted for the republican Mitt Romney even though I don’t care about either party. The actions of both democrats and republicans lately are appalling. On Yahoo! Answers, the Q&A website I’ve seen people complain about both sides deleting and reporting each other and fighting. Meanwhile it looks like the GOP only cares more about their own ideology that they don’t want to compromise to win one bit, if compromise is the only way. I do align as a conservative, but I want to stick up unaffiliated.

Um, cool. Was this a simple statement of cynical discontent with the current political environment in America? If so I agree a whole lot with what you said. However, cares about their own ideology? Isn’t that what makes it an ideology?

Which elements of refusing to compromise are you referring to? Because, on some, I am so so SO glad that they are a line of defense against liberal policies and that they DON’T compromise. On others, however, I wish to see a little bit more flexibility. So which are you referring to?

You are joining a very interesting trend which has seen the majority of Americans now view themselves as Independents. It 26% R, 33% D, 40% I. I wonder if I will become an organized party. What do you think?

I don’t consider myself as a Republican, but will register GOP when I turn 18 so I can vote in the primaries.

Sometimes I can be seen as a hypocrite by friends who agree with my views by not changing the GOP from within. Again I’d prefer a non-partisan system.

I’m discontented with the political environment of America (FloridaLibertarian got that one right). I do believe we should be a little more flexible on social and foreign/defense issues, but I never want to compromise on economic issues. Parties do tend to be non-flexible in nature as I observed. I also like the idea of spreading more conservative and libertarian ideas globally, not exclusively in America. That sounds like an ideal world to me. Think about this: The world as a libertarian/conservative paradise.

That would be wonderful, the two-party system has created so many problems (in my opinion). Still independents don’t all think alike, some are conservative, some are liberal, most have elements of both liberal and conservatism, hard to find common ground (beyond dislike for the Dems and Reps).

The two party system is the natural equilibrium for our political system, it will always be there unless we change the system.

You’re not wrong, history has proven this to be the case again and again.
It’s still an annoying system, each of the two parties are far too broad to really represent any solid specialized interests. I mean look at the Republicans: you have the Tea Partiers, the ‘traditional’ GOP, the Christan coalition, the moderates,the libertarians (there’s some overlap between the factions) and many different leaders bickering as to which direction the party should take. The Dems are probably even worse than that…

I am not a republican either

Every system has flaws, ours has proven to be the best so far, so why not try to work within it for the best possible outcome?

And what do you mean by “specialized interests”?

Because honestly I just don’t have a lot of faith in the parties right now…my choices for any given election seem to be a vote for “bad”, “worse” or “has no chance of winning”. I mean we’ve worked to improve our system before have we not?

[quote=“VHS, post:10, topic:39218”]
And what do you mean by “specialized interests”?
[/quote]Like a real Tea Party, free from the constraints of the GOP. Or a stronger Libertarian Party, or a stronger Green Party…that kind of thing.

And if you dont get involved you never will, are you just going to wait around and complain until a party aligns with your beliefs

I mean we’ve worked to improve our system before have we not?.

All the “improvements” have streamlined the 2 party system, also note that any improvements have to be done through the 2 major parties.

Actually I was involved, that’s part of the problem.

I’m still a believer that “only the rich and powerful can make an impact” is a big myth.


I’m a Paleoconservative registered and working within the Republican Party.

What are the characteristics of a Paleo-Conservative?

There’s you, the Conservative voter, worked hard all your life. Come home to a wife you don’t love (she doesn’t love you either). But neither of you have the heart to end it. “Stay for the kids” you both say. However, it’s hard for her to ignore the alcohol on your breath. She sees the lipstick stains on your shirt’s collar. It’s hard for you as well. You know she’s been with your mistress (Tea Party) too. It’s a nightmarish love triangle. But without the love. You see that she still hasn’t found herself. The success she once had in her life destroyed her. She used to listen, she used to care. But eventually she realized you are essentially her slave. You’d do anything for her. So she started to do what she wanted and expected you to stay loyal.

The Party of Lincoln and Reagan is dead. She is now the Party of deceit, greed and lies. She used to have values and principles when she had to FIGHT for you. You hate what she’s become. However, she’s still better (less worse?) then the Party of FDR and Carter. While the GOP burnt out the Dems never had the success they could’ve had. Look at who’s a democrat. People going for fancy degrees. They could do so much good. But they chose to spread their wealth (at least a “real socialist” would) and lost all their potential success.

All the other alternatives are just as bad as the Dems. They are either to fringe for your taste or weak political vehicles.

The Two party system uses you and drains the life our of your political soul.



Constitution Party Maybe, don’t agree with them on everything, though.

Constitution/Libertarian parties don’t agree with me on foreign policy. That’s my main issue w/ them. I’m not advocating for Imperialistic America but I don’t support Isolationist/Libertarian “foreign policy” either.

Though they will still label me as a NeoCon slave or a evil supporter of the Military Industrial Complex.

The more I grow, I feel like I was blind-followed by most mainstream GOP politicians, without considering what real conservative values were.