I'm not getting the email messages for RO


Just thought I’d mention it. I haven’t gotten any email notifications from RO since last night. Is there something I should do?


You should be grateful. I’m pretty sure I still get them on an old email account, and it clogs it up like crazy.


I’m working on a fix. But it won’t be fixed until this weekend.


Ok…no problem. Just needed to know if it was me or the site.


For the next few months I’m going to be recovering from foot surgery on both feet and will be in bed on my lap top for 3 months. I wouldn’t mind getting those e-mails, so I know where I need to rebuttal or respond. Lots of different threads on this site and it can get confusing. However, I do see your point.

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I’ve potentially fixed the issue. Appears that new mail will be sent as expected.

The past few days worth of mail were held up inside the server, I chose to delete them instead of let them flood your mailboxes with day old alerts.

Let me know if you don’t get any email in the next 24 hours from RepublicanOperative.com


Seems to be working fine now. Thanks WIJG!


I am still out, I have taken to using the “Subscribed Threads” link on the User CP tab to keep track of threads I am in.


Is it possible that the server transfer might have joggled some of your settings?


Apologies for the rough transition. Some of you may know, I’ve moved RO to an entirely new server… well servers (plural) to be exact. I’m still ironing out some of the small kinks - but I’m confident that it’ll all smooth out soon.

Mail should be restored, but I’ll keep an eye on the mail logs and mail queue to make sure it’s doing what it is supposed to.

I’d appreciate if everyone takes a glance at their spam folder from time to time to make sure RO mail is not being marked as spam.

On another note, I finished resizing the current web server for RO. The slowness problem that others mentioned in another thread was due to the RO web server being overwhelmed by traffic. I’ve now more than doubled the size of the web server’s resources to help keep that from happening again.

In the not too distant future I’ll add an additional web server on the West coast of the USA so downtime will be next to nothing. Thanks for bearing with me.


Hello JG,

Today is Monday 9/2 and on the slowness issue I’ve been having major serious problems with slowness all morning. In fact I clicked on the Reply With Quote button 4 minutes ago in an effort to reply to your post 10 up there, and the little circling wheel is still going round and round. I have had several 4 minute waits this morning and every click is accompanied by at least several seconds of wait time, often as many as 30 seconds wait time.

I mentioned the above only to let you know about the troubles I am having.

Thanks again for all you’re doing to fix the problems, much appreciated.

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for the report. Since I just finished resizing the current web server for RO, the slowness I hope will disappear once the server is all revved up. Usually, a web server runs at top performance once it’s received several thousand requests so that it can intelligently decide what content it should keep in RAM for quicker access. I hope the server will show some improvement over the next 4-8 hours.

The new server is is more than 2X the previous one we’ve been using for the past week. So, I expect it to run very fast once we tweak it a few more times (and should run relatively faster than it did yesterda, before we have to tweak much more).

By the way, listening to “Keep on Chooglin” ♪♫ And for some reason recall you had that in your signature at one point :grin:


I had problems last night with page change choking (at one point, I tried disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting; no joy, and I gave up for the night), but it’s been smooth sailing this morning.


Hello JG,

/Grin … This computer stuff is amazing. At the present time everything is fast as greased lightning. I hit the Reply With Quote to your post and it happened in half a second.

All that sounds good up there, and again thanks very much for all you do.

/Grin … Yeah I did have “Keep On Chooglin” in my sig. for awhile. That’s one cool piece of music, it just goes on and on with its great sounds.

Long live catchy music.

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RET, I’m hoping the recent fixes and server upgrades will have email streaming into your mailbox soon. Do let me know if that is still not the case.


Will do, as of this morning it still is out but I will pop in here each day with an update if that helps.


WIJG: Today it seems like it gets better and then it gets slow again. It sounds very complicated being the administrator of a forum…and costly. Thanks for all your hard work…


Turns out the RO mail was being misidentified as “Spam”, not sure why but maybe the new server is using a different IP address or something.

At any rate John PM’ed me to check my Spam folder and it was full of RO emails so I marked them “Not Spam” and everything is as it should be now. I also entered the RO sender info into “My Contacts” so in the future this should not happen even if the Server IP changes.

Thought that info might be useful to some!


For those who rely on emails to see responses etc., RET touched on way to avoid the email spam – I’ve had mine turned off for years. You can look in your user CP or you can simply click “new posts” at the top. In the second case, any subscribed threads will show up with a green arrow pointing left in a circle. Just click on it and then on “view first unread.”