I'm not with her!


I don’t know if I can pull Donald out of THIS JAM, but if I do, I hope he is grateful…in large denominations.
Under the heading of Counter Left Espionage, I am officially BOYCOTTING any on-line business or service that has more than one “YOU-KNOW-WHO” campaign ad…take “ACCUWEATHER” for instance. Today there were FOUR (4[SIZE=2]) of HER advertisements on a single web page. Now, I know that they can buy time for a candidate, but four??? I think that is above and beyond and spells out favoritism to me.
And I am ad vising Donald now…forget all this political mumbo-jumbo…forget the “experts” and “prognosticators” and “pollsters”…Pretend you are doing another [SIZE=4]HOSTILE TAKEOVER [SIZE=2][FONT=arial]in your normal, aggressive manner…corner the market and take this puppy!!!