I'm tired to ears of Racism

Woke culture is bad culture the more we talk about race the worse the relations get. I have friends from all races and cultures. I think we are all Americans first. I was tutoring a young man, and he said his father said the war of independence was white people S***. I told him no it’s American S***, and kid you’re American no one else is the world is going to take you.

I’m tired of race defining a person, MLK said not race but the content of a man. Where have we gone where race is more important than a mans actions. I once saw a black man an accountant a boring man, no flair and I thought to myself culturally he is whiter than me. That being said, my party has a fixation on it. Why can’t we be American first. I don’t consider myself Dutch American or Welsh American. I consider myself American.

N other country on earth understands the nuance of my existence. No other country on earth could understand a Black man from Atlanta, or a Latino Person from Saginaw. Our experiences are American first. Thats one thing Trump got dead right. I’m reminded of a song from Team America World Police I play it with pride “America F*** Yeah”. I’m an unrepentant American. Mistakes were made but we are the only country in the world to do this so many different types of cultures living aside one another.

Those people aren’t woke they’re asleep.

Once more you are out of step with your party. Your party wants to divide the country into groups and pit of the people in the non-White, gay, bisexual, transsexual and illegal alien against the people are straight and White who don’t support the Democrat Party. They have doing this since George McGovern tuned the party into a quota factory in the early 1970s.

I supported McGovern and worked for him in 1972. I also worked for Carter in 1976. I regret both of those choices.

I’m a straight right man I outright reject the Democratic Party’s Social Agenda, while mostly embrace the social agenda of the Republicans. I have no idea why you follow your party 100% some need direction I suppose.