Immigrant Cop and Mandalay Security Officer Connected?


An Immigrant cop and the Mandalay security guard?
Same SS #?


In return for reporting this detail, the LV Sherrif BLOCKED Laura Loomer on twitter.

Last time she was in the LVMPD press conference, it was HER QUESTION which established the shooter had in fact checked in THREE DAYS EARLIER:

For that she was barred from the next press conference —prevented from physically entering the room.


The only thing this “investigation” is doing is feeding the conspiracy theorists with plenty of red meat.


If she was good enough for James O’Keefe to hire, that’s good enough for me. Besides, who else do you know who walked up to Chelsea Clinton at a book signing and asked her to autograph a copy for Juanita Broderick? :sunglasses:


I think the only conspiracy was around Campos himself. The hotel is covering its ass because they hired an illegal alien security guard. One who couldn’t have a firearm because he couldn’t pass a federal background check as he’s not a citizen.

Imagine the lawsuit that could be brought against the hotel if it turns out their decision to hire an illegal immigrant meant a potentially preventable shooting continued because the security guard who walked in on it was unarmed.


Campos showed up on Ellen DeGeneris’ show, but only with his attorney and only long enough for Ellen to proclaim him a “hero” who “prevented dozens of deaths.” It might be noted that The Mandalay hotel/casino is one of her SPONSORS.