Impact of COVID-19 on economy/election

China’s in trouble. And that means our supply chains are in trouble. Even if they they get a handle on COVID-19 (coronavirus disease), the impact it’s already had will have a bad effect on our economy.

Will the voters blame President Trump for it and elect a socialist in November? That would be unthinkably, incredibly stupid, but there’s some chance it’ll happen.

With every passing day that its economic disintegration is not reversed, 
China inches closer to what may be a very violent tipping point, one which
sets billions of angry, starving, broke and quarantined citizens against the
communist party oligarchy.

As China's economic output remains literally frozen, a new report suggests
that many Chinese companies - which never factored for this type of calamity -
don't have enough capital to cover wages, or have delayed or stopped paying
workers, suggesting that the Covid-19 outbreak has left businesses on the
brink of disaster. 

While Beijing has been scrambling to give the impression that its economy is
back up and running ...

The second problem, now outlined by Bloomberg, is that companies which do
restart production don't have enough money to cover labor expenses, to wit:
"across china, companies are telling workers that there's no money for them --
or that they shouldn't have to pay full salaries to quarantined employees who
don't come to work." 

Something is going on here that is hidden from us but the Chinese know.

Then how about quit SPENDING? Questions?

That’s hard to watch. But it’s tempting to actually defend the Chinese for taking such aggressive steps to forcefully isolate infected people or even those that have been exposed. They started out ignoring the problem and trying to hide it.

I’ve seen pictures of wide city highways that are normally busy even in the middle of the night, but today they’re literally empty. There’s also video of officials welding apartment building doors shut to enforce isolation.

If they’re going to contain this thing, they have to be tough. The next question is what will the US do to enforce isolation if it gets bad here.

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I think it is more of the knowledge that if they are taken by the police to that ‘quarantine’, they are never coming home again.

It occurs to me. What a coincidence that the coronavirus pops up near the height of the hong kong protests. HOW has the outbreak of coronavirus affected the Chinese reaction to hong kong protests? Why is there no ‘journalist’ reporting on this? How about the yuge locust invasion thas has affected parts of Africa and is allegedly at the door of China…how is that going?

I don’t think it will get that bad here.

To busy fixating on earth-shaking “important” news: Roger Stone sentencing, imaginary Trump/Barr fallout, Mickey Mouse Club democrat debate.


40 months for STone and that is still an outrage. Amy BermanJackson or whatever her hyphenated name is, is an Obama appointee. She is corrupt. Any decent judge, when they found out about the jury foreman would have declared a mistrial. I lay odds she won’t.

The left crabs about children separated from family…family separated from family and yet it is okay that Mr. Stone is separated from his wife who is either ill or disabled… Either way, she is dependent on him. and with him away that will be a hardship on her. The left hates stone…not for lying to congress…hell they all do that. But because he is a friend of Trump. THAT is his crime.


He’s never going to jail. His re-trial is still pending and, failing that, the President will give them all a one finger salute and pardon him.

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I hope you are right. The guy is eccentric and that is all.

If there had been no Russian hoax, there would have been no Roger Stone trial. Why can’t we prosecute the people lied in the first place?

I think that Adam Schiff would look good in an orange jump suit. It would work well with the rouge he uses on his cheeks.

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There will be disruptions in our economy but most of those have been somewhat planned for due to the fake “trade war” doom and gloom predictions; ultimately we don’t need China.

We are the best in the world at ramping up domestic production in a hurry because we don’t rely on government to manage our productive sector; the profit motive will simply not allow us to run out of anything for very long :wink:

For the sake of the Chinese people I hope that this virus runs its course and is controlled soon but there will be some shortages here no matter what. There are too many factories shut down either intentionally or because of workers unwilling or unable to show up, cities and provinces on lockdown etc. Maybe this will be a wake-up call that some items are too important not to be made here; if it takes tariffs to keep them here, so be it. The globalists and free traders will want to go back to business as usual.

How did we get to the place where 80% of our antibiotics come from China? I remember well in my youth riding the bus home past the Eli Lilly plant on Kentucky Avenue in Indianapolis smelling the mold they use to make penicillin.

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We got there because the high corporate tax rate, the highest in the world, was killing our domestic business. Even Obama talked about lowering it, but it was Trump who had the guts to get it done.

Who knows what other positive legislation could have been passed if we had not lost the majority in Congress? Instead we have spent two years on impeachment to satisfy AOC and the rest of the job-killing juvenile Democrats.

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The tax rate was a big part of it but so was our trade arrangement; U.S. Companies could either develop their products in China and sell to both the United States and China or they could manufacture in the United States and lose the China market due to Chinese trade restrictions.

Trump is fixing that situation as well, as soon as manufacturers of everything can choose the United States as their home without losing access to any foreign markets we will be the manufacturing kings of the world again.

The exodus was never about cheap wages; the problem that drove out manufacturing was government regulations, confiscatory taxation and trade deals that made politicians rich and left Americans without jobs.


Nope; if it’s made in an allied country, that’s just as good.

And that’s exactly what’s happening. Goods are avoiding tariffs by being produced somewhere other than China.

Industrialists you mean

From an industry perspective, this sounds incoherent. This doesn’t help us be productive and it doesn’t make us safe.

And tariffs are not practical answers, when you would need to levy ones worth 400% or higher to do what you say.

Best let the infrastructure reallocate where it was already headed: Thailand, Taiwan, countries in Africa.

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In the long run, that’s totally true. But our manufacturers and even our retailers have adopted the just in time way of ordering so they don’t have to warehouse much inventory. It’s superb, when the producers are reliably producing.

But China suddenly stopped producing on a dime. And some ships are scared to even dock to load goods already produced. That’s a recipe for short term shortages that we’re not used to, which will cause some hardship, panic and hoarding.

We should all be glad that President Trump started us on the road to return some manufacturing to the US. That trend will now accelerate, to our national advantage.

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I hope that’s true. However, any company that relies on a single-source in order to stay in business probably shouldn’t STAY in business over the long term and I’m fine with that. I wouldn’t mind seeing Apple CRATER, for example, IF they rely solely on China for their components. They’ll DESERVE to crater if that’s their so-called “business model.”

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