Impact of Obama Approval Rating


In 2008, Obama benefited from Bush’s abysmal approval ratings: Presidential Approval Ratings – George W. Bush | Gallup Historical Trends

Obama, on the other hand, is still a well regarded president. The latest polling has the country evenly divided on Obama: 48% approve, 47% disapprove. What will the impact be when Bernie drops out and Obama starts supporting Hillary? Not good for the GOP, I predict.




Gallup has always put obama up in the ratings and while other sites have been more fair gallup wants us to believe obama is some kind of angel.


Rassmussen Reports has Obama at 51 percent approval. RealClearPolitics - Election Other - President Obama Job Approval
That is really high for this late in a second term, historically.


Obama’s key to maintaining his approval near 50% is his ability to appear to be an outsider in any bad scenario which he has been instrumental in creating. It is subtle and he does have help from the media but it is quite a talent. I find it flabbergasting that Hillary Clinton is campaigning on bringing the country together again while not laying any blame on 7 years of Obama’s divisiveness and nobody even blinks.


Rasmussen “polls” mostly in Blue States. What else would you expect?


It’s not going to help or hurt Clinton. His approval rating is decent, but not good(or bad). Basically, Clinton will get to stand on her own merit as a candidate.