Impeachapalooza benefits The President

More than 175,000 Tickets Requested to See President Trump in Wildwood, New Jersey on…ey-on-tuesday/

First Daughter-in-law Lara Trump broke the news on Monday that 175,000 TICKETS WERE REQUESTED to see President Trump in Wildwood, New Jersey on Tuesday night.

that be January 28, 2020

I keep fearing the Democrats will realize how they are destroying themselves and start pretending they are adults but I am now convinced that they are incapable of learning; I bet I will get to watch them fall on their sword all the way to November :rofl:

Trump has made politics fun!


They are all courting the far left loons for the primaries. The nominee can try to tack to the center for the general election but they have all made statements and commitments that they can’t walk back. The available material for negative campaign ads is limitless.

My only slight fear is a deadlocked convention with Michelle, Oprah or someone else being drafted.

On the other hand, a deadlocked convention will be fun to watch. It will make the Chicago '68 convention look like a Sunday school picnic.



There has not been a multiple vote at a national convention since John F. Kennedy tried to get the vice presidential nomination to run with Stevenson in 1956.

Why he wanted it is beyond me. Stevenson had no chance at beating Eisenhower, and vice presidential nominees on the losing ticket have all been shoveled to the dust bin of history, except one. Franklin D. Roosevelt ran with James Cox in 1920.

That last presidential nomination that went beyond the first ballot was at the Democratic convention in 1952.

As for this time, Michelle Obama would be a nightmare. She her views are not much different from AOC and her gender, race and association with her husband would have more than half of the stupid people voting for her without even listening to what she would do to them.

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John F’ing Kerry said today that he may run but that is because they don’t want Bernie to get it…AS IF, JOhn Kerry is popular enough to be successful at this… What’s even funnier is that he is in iowa to support Biden…which sorta tells you about the base support of biden doesn’t it? LOL

update…next day 2/3/20 he says he is definitely not running. LOL must have gotten a call from barry or hilliary.

I predict… Hilliary will jump in, in July 2020. She will have to assuage the radicals in the party so it may be a Hilliary/Sanders ticket…and Bernie will drop dead early in the term.

Hey…it could happen.