Can anyone here, in simple terms, explain to me the impeachment process on Trump? I know the basic principles of impeachment, but I don’t understand what the dems are charging him with in order to impeach him? I know this is their last ditch effort to remove him from office. They’ve been at that since day one. But do they really have evidence against Trump to impeach him? I would have thought that impeaching BO would have been more substantial.

They have nothing to. impeach President Trump for. They are conducting this farce in order to try and and FIND some reason to try and impeach him AND, failing that, blow enough smoke to try and damage his chances of reelection next year. They HAVE to know that there’s no possible way that the Senate will vote to oust President Trump, even IF they manage to get a vote in the House to impeach, failing some revelation that no one knows about today.

The Dems are doing this to lower Trump’s approval rating for the 2020 election. They conduct most of the proceedings in secret and leak the negative stuff to their many friends in the press.

This has been an on-going effort for three years. When this ends, they will start up something else. I think that it is abuse of the impeachment power that the constitution grants to the House. If this continues, the Democrats will have passed no substantive legislation with their House majority.

And it may blow up in their faces, too.

That’s what I suspected. Of course, I know very well that the dems started this the day that he was elected and haven’t let up one bit. It is absolutely hateful and shows where their priorities are. What a despicable bunch.

I think they started it as soon as they knew he was a candidate!

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You think so? I’m not so sure because they never dreamed he would win. They figured the Hildabeest was a shoo-in. But it is true that the dems will villainize any republican or conservative.

The Dimwits started planning an impeachment within HOURS of the final Electoral College vote count. What’s worse, they made no SECRET of their plans.

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I’m not sure that’s actually worse; it made them transparent about the illegitimacy of their goals.

But it also warned the rest of us of what was to be. I often wonder if their tactics would have enraged them had the same treatment been meted out to BO. Double standards to the nth degree. What charges are they using to support their ridiculous and childish attempt at impeaching Trump?

It’s a good thing that Trump was used to dealing with liars, knit pickers and fools from his real estate development experience. A lesser man would have been broken by now. If he is re-elected, he will face four more years of this crap if the Democrats retain control of the House. They are children who have no respect for the results of an election when they don’t get their way.

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“And it my blow up in their faces, too.”

No, it never will. With 45% of the voters ready to vote for anything with a Democrat label, weeding out the really bad elements of the Democrat Party is impossible.

Back in 1944 the conservative elements of the party could dump a communist loving idiot like Henry Wallace. That kept him from becoming president when FDR died. In more recent times they could say no to Jesse Jackson. Now the inmates are running the asylum. Even Obama is not far enough left for them.

Yes, I agree with you. When members of a party see nothing wrong in abortion up to and including birth, there is something evil taking place. EVIL.

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I don’t know if that 45% statistic is accurate or not, but the fact is it could still blow up in their faces because of swing voters, and voter turnout.

You have a point. If those who lean to voting Democrat but don’t have much in terms of convictions, stay home, it could hurt the Donkey Party at the polls. Of course, that’s what Schiff is looking to do. He wants to get the most apathetic Democrat voters thinking that Trump poses “a crisis” so that they will take the trouble to vote.

In so doing, he’s gambling that moderates don’t turn out in droves against the Dems.