First, let me point out STRONGLY, I am NO Trump fan.

But it seems as though he is hitting his “self-destruct” button MORE than he usually does.

He was doing it almost every week, but then he (or more likely, his HANDLERS) would walk it back and seem to recover some degree of maturity.

But now he seems to have gone over the edge and given Hitlery plenty of ammo for her political spots (not that he hasn’t given her plenty already.)

I’ve been reluctant to throw in the towel and admit this thing is going to go to Clinton. But I think it will. If Trump pulls this one off, it will be a miracle.

(I’m looking for ANY kind of hope that Clinton won’t get in there. Anybody? Caroline?)


I think the Grim Reaper is our only hope that way.

That, or that a majority of rational people, disgusted though they are, realize that the need of the moment is to keep this corrupt dying old cow out of the once-white house…


Sadly we’re are running out of hope, BobJam. This race was so winnable, and the Trump fanatics stuck us with this fool of a candidate. I’ll vote for him mostly because he’s not Hillary, but that’s not the way to win an election. One would think that Trump would hate the “loser label” and adjust his campaign behavior, but that does not seem to be met to be. The Trump people keep calling me for money, but I avoid investing in losers.

Even Trump is not as bad as Hillery is. As was demonstrated by his comments about Obama Care, even Bill Clinton has more sense than she does.

This is the continuation of the perfect storm that is destroying America and western civilization.


If you are watching Pennce vs KoKaine, Pennce is getting dusted by KoKaine and here is why: KoKaine is lying like a cheap rug and Pennce can barely get a word in edgewise.

Here is some reality. You cannot win against someone who is a LIAR and KoKaine has made and art of lying…


Yes, l could see where this was headed when Kain totally talked over Pence when he mentioned the fact that Hillary took money from foreign countries when she was Secretary of State. Of course the stooge monitor from CBS News let him do it.


No one cares about VP debates. I doubt even 10% of registered voters could name both Veep candidates. Much less are they going to tune in to watch them drone on about taxes or EPA regulations or something.


The voters would do well to worry about them. When Nixon resigned in 1974, one in four of the Vice Presidents had become president either by the death or resignation of the Chief Executive. We are long overdue for another of those occurrences.


Americans should also put down the cheeseburger and go for a nice walk outside.
They should have more than $1,000 in readily accessible savings.
There are a lot of things they should do. But they do what they do.

And in either event, has there really ever been a time where your vote would change if the ticket were flipped?


I’m not even watching the debate. These debates are a sideshow anyway. . . the outcome seems decided already anyhow.

The thing about Trump that gets to me so much is his huge ego (Hitlery isn’t too shabby in that department either.) Now anyone running for president needs a healthy ego anyway, but this guy is over the top. It shows through every time he speaks.

But the thing that does him in so much is that he steps on his tongue so often. His handlers have to be going crazy. I’m guessing they’re telling him to STOP Tweeting.

And they’re probably trying to take a hammer to all his computers (a la Hitlery and her Blackberry.)

Speaking of which . . . WHAT? Are the Dems that stupid? (The answer is YES . . . that was a rhetorical question.)

I mean, if a pol takes a hammer to their mobile device, isn’t that an obvious indicator to a rational person?

Someone posted on here a few years back that even if Obama were caught on a video molesting a child, the Dems would defend him and STILL vote for him. Same goes for Clinton.






As I said, I’m not even watching, but I’m not surprised by what you say.


Of course!!! No surprise there.

Wouldn’t we all be surprised if the moderator behaved neutrally???


Sunday is going to be a 3 against 1 tag team cage match. Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz are much more partisan than Lester Holt and Trump needs a win not a draw. IF his kids and his advisers somehow get through to him and he gets prepared comebacks for moderator interference and how to NOT answer some questions I give him even odds at best. He has to realize that there are millions of voters who do not watch his rallies or his policy speeches and are too young or too disengaged to have the slightest clue as to Hillary’s laundry list of lies, deception and corruption; they have some vague notion that she mishandled emails. He needs these people and this debate may be his last chance to reach them.


Isn’t the next debate a Town Hall? Trump should do well in that format. He’s much better with people in general than Clinton.

The moderators barely even matter, because the biggest chunk of the debate comes from the audience.

This is the one type of debate I don’t think Trump needs to prepare for. And it’s also the only one I would expect him to win.


Not so sure I would say "The moderators barely even matter".

Yes, in the townhall format, the mods have less input. But they CAN ask follow up questions, and there IS a segment where they ask ALL the questions.

In any case, they CAN interrupt, and I’m sure they will.


> In any case, they CAN interrupt, and I’m sure they will.

Especially when the Republican candidate is making a good point.

CBS News shamed itself last night when that “impartial” moderator allowed Tim Kane to talk over Mike Pence repeatedly, but told Pence to shut up with when he started talking about Hillary’s private server.

But of course in their world, “Friends don’t let friends vote Republican.”


Difference between Pence and Trump is, Pence is a nice guy and does what he’s told. Trump does what he wants. Holt may have gone after Trump, but he never succeeded in talking over him. He can’t. Trump talk-yells everything.


I just don’t know about the Trump shooting himself in the foot thing. I remember after the first debate most people here thought that Hillary killed him. Yet the polls I saw ranked them about equal. I wonder if a lot of our perception isn’t based off of our vested interest to see him win? Any misstep that he does seems like he fell off a cliff?
I still think that he will win but maybe that’s because I have a little more faith in people than I realize. Some how I believe that people can tell the difference between the smoke screen that the dems are putting up & what the candidates really say, or have done, or what they might do. To me it’s like the dems are throwing out “Trump might kill puppies if he is elected” while the repbs are showing pictures off all the puppies that Hillary has already killed. It should be that obvious but maybe it’s not to some people.


Conservatives/Republicans have been losing for so long, they’ve become fatalistic.
Trump may be failing them to some extent, but they’re failing him too.
Both sides are too prideful to admit fault and correct course.