In case you forgot...

To said:

At the same time, if you cannot take constructive criticism of your views, please don’t post here. I have no time for perpetual victims…that’s the left’s job. Violation of these rules will result in immediate banning of the member. Trusted members on this site will report you if you violate these rules.
God bless all of you. :angel:

Just in case anyone is in need of a refresher, please see the “rules” thread for the “Faith and Beliefs” forum.

In other words, if you personally feel attacked just by someone elses’ beliefs being stated here, or if you feel that you are wasting your energy posting on those threads…just ignore those threads. Just a thought. It is also possible to read (if you just can’t make yourself look away) but don’t post if it upsets you too much. Just some things to ponder while hanging out in the “Faith and Beliefs” forum.