In final week, Ted Cruz agrees to stump for Trump


In final week, Ted Cruz agrees to stump for Trump - Houston Chronicle

Is Cruz doing this out of a fear of seeing the Democrats win or for some sort of self benefit and survival with the party?


More than likely in response to Hillary and the renewed FBI investigation.


Possibly. He was out with Pence, seems he is keeping arms length even as he stumps. I imagine he will focus on areas where he was successful in the primaries, and/or where classic conservatives exist.


He would have done himself a lot less damage if he had not spoken at the Republican Convention, or if he had given a polite, but less than enthusiastic Trump endorsement. What he did earned him boos and bad memories.

One guy who is deader than a door nail is Ohio governor, John Kasick. I would not vote that Hillary supporter to the office of trash collector or dog catcher. The stray dogs are too classy for him. He needs to get a job at CNN where he belongs. I don’t want to see him on the Fox Network ever again.


Politicians on both sides used to laugh at the American voter and say we had short memories. LOLOL


They fooled me with Simpson-Mazzoli in '86. I remember how they dogpiled on Pat Buchanan after he won the New Hampshire primary in '96 and I still voted for Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney after that. If they manage to sink Trump with lukewarm support, no support or outright opposition…

Never again!


Did Trump WANT Lyin’ Ted to be campaigning for him or supporting him?

Because if he did, he had a funny way of showing it.

Any man who’s a man, does not work to benefit the person who slandered and besmirched that man and his family…to say nothing of collusion and obfuscation that obscured the message in a political race.

All you with a hate-on for Cruz: When YOU are treated like sh!t, do you grovel at the feet of your abuser? Or do you walk away and put him out of your life?

And anyway. WTF does it MATTER what Cruz says at this point? All the Hillarites are gonna change their vote because the guy Trump called a liar and an illegal alien is now campaigning for him? How does THAT work?

Trump may well lose; and there will be enough blame around that Trump can wear his share with pride. Not that there’ll be much time for parsimony; after the theft, comes the collapse.