In Real Life Timing Is Critical - Midterms


I thought this election cycle’s “October Surprise” would be the gift to Republicans offered up by the organized illegal immigrant INVASION at our southern border - an invasion force that would arrive AFTER our midterms.

Unfortunately, now that many of the invasion force are being supplied motorized means of transportation, thousands will likely arrive just prior to our midterms. If they arrive before Nov. 6, the timing, IMHO, could not be worse for us - the optics and Left-Wing media frenzy/negative portrayal associated with a confrontation at our border will probably not play well with “fence-sitting” voters. I hope Trump puts severe financial pressure on Mexico by “closing” our border - this would place a real burden on Mexican commerce with the US/Canada. Mexico can stop this fiasco - I suggest Trump use his administrative power to see that it does.

The sending of “bombs” to celebrity left-wing zealots/politicians by a nut-job with pro-Trump posters all over his van offers a “gut punch” to our election chances in the House, IMO - I’m assuming we are ahead enough in a couple of key races to hold the Senate.

With all the positive policies/programs Trump/conservatives have presided over during the last 18 months, it is mind boggling that most of these mid-term races are even close. That the margins are so razor thin seems testimony to the number of brain dead voters we appear to have.

I would like to think our electorate will see through the BS. The base of both parties will no doubt turn out. However, women/Independents will likely decide these mid-term elections. We have an electorate that elected Obama twice and media presenting slanted, often openly hostile, coverage, with opinion passing for “journalism/news coverage” 24/7. In addition, as much as I like Trump’s policies, he is very inarticulate with a penchant for providing his opponents with a wealth of ammunition. Presenting Trump, his administration in the worst possible light, while ignoring the positive, has become a cottage industry for mainstream media and nearly all cable “news” outlets. Trump is bad: Maxine Waters who?

I’m hoping the House won’t be lost in this “perfect storm”, but it is unrealistic to think this week’s news hasn’t negatively impacted our chances.


How is this an invasion anymore than the last group?

They get to the border, they apply for asylum either at the border or at a Mexican office, and then they wait on the Mexico side until they’re processed.

Some of the people in the last group got in, as aylees, while Trump has been in office. I’m not seeing the part of “invasion” here Mike.


You know how this works, AS. You can’t be that obtuse. They get to the border, they are coached on what to say by Left-Wing lawyers, as the United State’s asylum initial screening bar for entry is EXTREMELY low. Most are given temporary asylum, given a date to appear in court to have their case heard, released inside the US and then over 87% never appear for court. They don’t wait on the Mexican side of the border. In other words, once they step foot in the US they are here - almost always forever. This is the case for those entering at ports of entry. Many more simply “bum rush” our border wherever they can cross into the US - we have a very long border and we do not have the personnel in place to stop them.

Couple this “process” with sanctuary cities - in the case of Cal, sanctuary state - and the Left who wish to abolish ICE, and we are witness to a complete circumvention of the intent of US immigration policy.

With respect to California - am I to assume you haven’t asked yourself why nearly all members of this so-called caravan are headed to Tijuana? Gee, could it be so they can cross into California - with its radical, anti-Us citizen, pro-Left administrative agenda? Ya think?

BTW - according to a recent Harvard study (hardly a bastion of conservatism) between 22 million and 30 million illegals are currently in the United States. In other words, for every 12 to 15 people in the US, 1 is here illegally. Many of these people have no intention to assimilate either with our language or our culture.

If the radicals, many of whom hate this country, wanted to fundamentally undermine and change it forever, they could come up with no better way to do it than essentially open our borders.

BTW, AS - we allow nearly 1 million LEGAL immigrants a year to migrate here, more than any other country on the planet. How many illegitimate “refugees”/gate crashers a year are you willing to allow into the US to flood our schools, medical services, courts, etc.? It is estimated that well over100 million people in Mexico, Central and South America alone wish to come here. Do you want to allow all of them entry? How many, AS. Give us a number. With your reasoning, you would apparently allow an unlimited number of people to game the system.


You’re talking about asylees who are < 5% of the migrants or otherwise who come here.

If it was so easy, we would expect that percentage to be a lot higher. And for more than half of the last group to have gotten in (they didn’t).

Right now, it’s alot easier to get a visitor visa, and disappear into the country.

But here’s the thing about “disappearing” you stop qualifying for most assistance.
If they’re doing that, than trying to claim welfare is their priority, doesn’t make sense.

But if safety is their priority, and they just don’t want to risk being sent back, it does make sense.

Nope, even FAIR only estimates 12.5.

Here are some other facts for you MD:

  • We’re in the lowest period of migrancy to America in over 40 years. So no, the population cannot double overnight.

  • Mexicans are no longer the majority, we’re getting more Asians today than any other group.

But our rate per population is one of the lowest:

We should catch up to Australia.


I am going to try to keep this thread on topic and not become yet another open border kerfufel.

A different outlook from Mike’s:

neither of this weeks attacks will affect the midterms

by Michael Goodwin, NY Post.

First, neither suspect was a solid citizen who suddenly turned to violence because of politics. Sayoc is a career criminal whose arrest record goes back three decades, including at least one charge for making terroristic threats.

Second, the speed of events these days means no one storyline dominates for long, even in the anti-Trump-obsessed media. The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle looked as if it would determine the election — until the caravan of Central American immigrants making their way toward the southern border vowed to get into the country, one way or another.

Bowers, based on what we know of him so far, is a freak of the fringe who would not be welcomed in any mainstream political party. His vileness isn’t partisan.

To most voters, kitchen-table issues almost always outweigh headline-grabbing incidents, even horrible ones, a fact often lost on elite bubble dwellers. The media especially continue to fall hard for the illusion that the public trusts them to decide what matters most.


Of course, everyone should simply point out that Donald Trump has little in common with an anti-Semite. A quick perusal of anti-Semitic Stormfront will indicate Trump is a Jew-lover – and illegal immigration is a conspiracy of the Jew-controlled left. He’s just the lesser of the two evils for some of those folks.

I’m starting to wonder if conservatives and Republicans are interested in any other topic.


Nonsense, AS. Are you REALLY going to sit there with your bare face hanging out and claim that illegals do NOT receive government benefits?


I hope he makes Mexico pay for the wall.


It’s hopeless.



Think it through Dave; Asylees are technically here with legal recognition from our system.

They can access more assistance, than an illegal can. If they become an illegal, they lose that advantage.


PHONY “asylees” ARE just as illegal as those who choose to sneak across the border, AS. Why don’t you acknowledge that? If you LIE your way here, are you somehow more “moral” than those who SNEAK their way here?


Not to the system; they’re treated differently. Very differently.


Who CARES what the “system” thinks? TRUTH is what matters to anyone with a functioning brain.


It determines how the migrant behaves.

If the migrant willingly gives up a legal status in order to try & stay illegally, welfare doesn’t seem to be the first thing on their mind.

They’d get more welfare if they didn’t do that.


C’mon, MDMike; just capitulate. Alaska Slim has charts, and graphs, and- and everything!


Sorry… :vb-blush: I’ll do my part:

I wouldn’t bet on it, but neither would I bet against it at this point.


This is why we need to fix the laws. Fortunately, we’ve elected a good man at the helm who understands that. Now the question is whether we as a nation will shoot ourselves in the foot by letting the Democrats take the House.


Where do you FIND this crap? Are you ACTUALLY claiming that there were more Mexicans and Central Americans coming here in 1959 than there are today???


Mexicans certainly; we were getting over a million illegal immigrants a year in the 50’s, last year we didn’t even get half a million.

Again Dave, downturn, 46-year low, according to CBP and its Pro-Trump head.

I don’t have everything; I just have the advantage of; I made an actual effort.

Most people don’t.

Surprising when you consider how much people will whine about something for years, yet put no effort into it.

It’s like they don’t actually care or something; they just want something to gripe about.


OK, OD and DocMike, I’ll give keeping this “on track” a shot (the caravan part).

Bob Lonsbury writes about this (well worth going to the link):

I’ll just try to distill what he says.

Lonsbury’s column is titled THE CARAVAN OF CRAP and it presents some questions NO ONE is asking.

The first question is about their human waste.

He wonders how that waste from some 7,000 people is handled. I mean, that’s a lot of pooh.

He wonders the same thing about their eating, and sleeping, and clothing. He points out that they are well clothed, fed, and coiffed.

And here’s a question he asks which is very revealing of the caravan:

I know . . . someone (guess who?) will say that these people simply are showing their national pride. My answer to that: Then why didn’t they just stay home and work from within?

He correctly refers to these caravans as “INVADERS”, which they are . . . they simply don’t carry any weapons, but “Invaders” they are.

We are being invaded and although President Trump wants to do something about it, the disloyal DemocRATS will not cooperate and actually encourage this invasion.

They want to destroy our constitution (the Kavanaugh thing was a good example of that).

His conclusion?:

Anyway, he presents some good material . . . well worth the read.


To those on this site claiming that many members of this caravan are simply coming to the US border legitimately seeking asylum from the threats/fears they face in Guatemala, Honduras, etc. I would offer this thought - BULLSHIITE>

The Mexican government, whose country the caravan is traveling through for 2000 miles, has offered asylum to those seeking it. Yet, there have been very few takers among members of the caravan, most of whom are young men…

It’s abundantly obvious that these people simply want to come to the US in search of a better life. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to live in the countries they call home either.

However, that does not qualify them for either entry to, or asylum in, the United States. It likewise, does not qualify them to “jump the line” in front of those seeking to immigrate here legally.

Those among us who argue on behalf of allowing these people to enter the US by gaming our system or by “bum rushing” our southern border have a clear agenda as well - blame America for the plight of others, open borders, change our culture and create a socialist utopia.

BTW - If walls don’t work, why would Feinstein, Zuckerberg or Maxine Waters have one around their properties? But, I digress. .