In the Middle East, not America, Christians are actually persecuted


In the Middle East, not America, Christians are actually persecuted | On Faith & Culture

A true war on Christianity.


persecution can be verbal. Christians in America are verbally persecuted every day by Left wing atheist.
There are Right Wing atheists, but they adhere to “Freedom of religion” not “Freedom from religion”


Christians are told they can not demonstrate their faith

Christians are told they can not wear religious metals

Christians are told they have to provide birth control

Christians are told they can not display religious items and crosses out in the public.


Sam is wrong


Saudi Officials Reportedly Arrest 53 Christians for Holding Prayer Meeting in a Private Home |

Christian murders, torture by Egyptians ignored by Obama, media - National Law Enforcement |

Interesting here:
Bahrain Guide: Introduction, The Islamic system of law: In general, Gulf states operate as largely

Is Pakistan’s hard line on blasphemy softening? | William Dalrymple | Comment is free | The Guardian
Some hope in this^^

Now, you can find these kinds of things all over the place. I have seen them personally.

On the other hand, you have Qatar, where there is a relative freedom of religion.


Where’s your evidence to support that?


Good article Right Wing. Christians are being chased out of their homes, or are being arrested for converting to Christianity (Egypt is most recently famous for this), Americans (all Americans: right, left, center, atheist, agnostic, Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim) are far too used to looking inward, not outward.


I thought he meant all those things happen here


I wear a saint’s necklace everyday and don’t get persecuted


Does it look like this?



[quote=“BullsOnParade, post:9, topic:39025”]
I wear a saint’s necklace everyday and don’t get persecuted
[/quote]It is obvious you do not even know what the necklace is called so I doubt you wear one or are a Christian.


So…a little persecution is not persecution if there’s more happening somewhere else.
The little girl who was not allowed to wear her cross on a chain around her neck in school was persecuted.
The kids who were not allowed to wear christian tee shirts to school were persecuted.
Kids who are not allowed to pray in school are persecuted.
Citizens who can’t have the Ten Commandments posted in THEIR Courthouse are persecuted.
just because they are not being stoned to death doesn’t mean they are not persecuted!


[quote=“natstew, post:12, topic:39025”]

just because they are not being stoned to death doesn’t mean they are not persecuted!
[/quote]There are other examples as well. I was reading last night about an attorney general prosecuting a cake maker for not selling to gays. People are told they can not have crosses displayed on their property. Christmas displays are forbidden in areas. Christmas songs are forbidden in schools

I would look this up because these have been mentioned before on this site but as usual the left would claim it never happens.


It’s a st Christopher medallion. What does it matter if I call it by it’s proper name? People like you are why churches are awful. Why would I want to go somewhere where old people tell me I’m not
Christian because I call a necklace by the wrong name. Guess you don’t see how frivolous and idiotic that is


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Oh, no, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely despise the attempted stifling of Christianity in the U.S., to include the removal of the Ten Commandments, manger scenes, the oppression of the kids not being allowed to pray or wear their t-shirts, etc. I despise the anti-Christian sentiment in the public, the government, the schools, the media, the entertainment industry, etc. I do feel this sentiment could lead to a greater degree of persecution and we should not be silent in standing up for ourselves and others. However, I do feel it is persecution lite compared to a harsher degree of persecution suffered by Christians in foreign countries, primarily the Middle East, which often goes ignored. I feel what we face in this country is paid attention to, and rightfully so, but I also feel not enough attention is paid to our Christian brothers and sisters in other lands who suffer far more than we do.

Some of what we face has been successfully stood up against by calling Christian civil rights attorney groups, signing petitions, voicing concerns, or a parent going to the school and confronting a teacher and/or principle. I don’t see any of these somewhat simple solutions working in the Middle East, as someone who does so may end up getting their head chopped off, their home being burned or their family being raped and killed. Whether being persecuted here or overseas, though, Christians can rejoice in knowing it is for the name of the Lord who said these things will happen, pray for those who persecute us, and we will be rewarded. God will have His vengeance and He will repay.


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