In twist, environmentalists fight proposed carbon tax – because it doesn't grow gov't

In twist, environmentalists fight proposed carbon tax

“It’s not only about reducing carbon,” said Rich Stolz of One America, a group that advocates for poor minorities. “It’s how we do it, and developing the kind of clean-energy economy we need.”

                                           	                               Stolz said he would have backed I-732 if it were a tax increase, funding government programs and new regulations on polluters.
                                           	                               But one environmental group broke ranks with long-time allies. The Audubon Society is supporting the measure....

“They’re more afraid of tax cuts,” said Todd Myers, an analyst with Washington Policy Center. “They only want a government solution, and so they’re willing to destroy an effort that would actually reduce carbon emissions, make us more energy efficient, because they care more about government than climate change.”

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