In Ukraine subpoena, Romney revives questions of flip flops and double standards

This SOAB had an advisor sitting on the same (Ukrainian) board!

Covering his @$$ and Graham will help him do it!

This morning one of the Fox commentators gave Mitt Romney a new nickname, “Mittens.” I thought that was quite appropriate. He like a duplicitous feline who always waiting for a chance to bite and scratch the hands that feed him.

I worked for him in 2012, gave my money and my time, and voted for him. In return he voted to convict Trump in the impeachment and had the brass to tell us that God told him to do it! Now he waffles on investigating wrong doing by the Biden family. Disappointing and disgusting!

Traitor! I am ashamed that I lifted a finger to help you get elected. You cozied up to the people who falsely accused you of tax evasion and even of abusing your dog. You threw the people under bus who had your back. You turned your back on us.

You don’t rate a new chapter in “Profiles in Courage.” You deserve a chapter in “Profiles in Disloyalty.” Go to your new Democrat friends. See how they treat you. Don’t be surprised when they tell you that they want nothing to do with you and your takeover raiders at Bain Capital. Like John Tyler, the Whig President who abandoned his party in 1841, you have abandoned yours.

You can’t leave the Senate soon enough for me. It’s a shame that you have 4+ years left.

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It’s not a new nickname. I’ve been calling him that for years when I’ve not been calling him … something else.

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