Inconvenient Truths

I’ll be brief. With respect to the on-going unrest in many Democrat run cities throughout much of the country, there seems to be at least two fundamental truths.

First: Elections have consequences.

Second: Idiots elect idiots.

This leads me to my next point - why have the thugs/anarchists who are rioting, looting, burning and attacking citizens only doing so in long-held left-wing/Democrat run cities?

Because they know they can get away with it.

Why are the local politicians allowing the destruction of their cities?

Because they agree with the thugs/anarchists - America is bad. Oh, and one other reason - they know the idiots who elected them to office will continue to do so.

Conclusion: Not only are the Democrat politicians who are looking the other way as the fabric of their cities crumble responsible for the continuing mayhem, so are the idiots living in those cities who elected them.

Idiots electing idiots.

Have a nice day!!.


I agree. And If only it were only a matter of idiots we might not be in so much danger…

But organized Marxist groups like BLM and Antifa are funded by smart EVIL people, and they know well what they are doing.


It is amazing to see how many college graduates vote for these idiots. My niece has a degree and her husband is a high priced attorney. Both of them have voted for De Blasio at least once if not twice. One of their other choices, that may have been worse, was Anthony Weiner who went to jail for Internet porn.

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Can you imagine any president named Bush ever pointing out that the violence is only in Democrat governed cities? That’s yet another thing I love about President Trump. He bluntly states the truth. Democrats are the problem.

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The Bush and Romney families have made themselves unwelcome in the Republican Party … at least this generation of them has. When a political party has given a family so much, two presidencies and a Florida governorship, you would think that they could resist endorsing violence and socialism. That, alas, is too much to ask of them.

We dodged a bullet when we rejected “Sleepy Jeb” in 2016. I never realized what a loser he is.

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Hillary would have beat his arse