Indiana Nurse Says Every White Male Baby Should Be Killed


If every white male baby is killed then that will leave all female white babies for the black men. What’s left for black women?


Of course, she is not a racist because she is not a white male and has no power.

For the news source-limited (the liberals in this case):

Looks like she was canned – although that’s not clear.

What must be clear, at least through the SJW lens, is she is a victim of the racist white patriarchy – no matter what her employer chose to do.


What a stupid woman,a nurse who thinks that way is a woman who doesn’t understand what being a nurse is about.

“Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, racist, killer, and domestic violence all star.”

Evidence of a sick mind.

Meanwhile according the the FBI crime stats,it is the black male who is the most likely killer,per capita in America.


Remember Pharaoh and the Israelites? He wanted to kill all the baby boys, lest their slaves rise up and run away.


Waddya’ wanna’ bet that this . . . person . . . voted for Obama. (Safe bet, is it not?)

She should be arrested for impersonating a . . . HUMAN BEING!