Indiana School District 'Black Only' Field Trip

While I don’t think the “intent” of this field trip is a bad idea, I do think that segregating the kids by race and at this age is wrong. What’s your opinion?
Indiana school district bused only black third-graders to tour local colleges


Dr. G. David Moss, the director for the African-American student-parent services with the South Bend Community Schools Corporation, told ABC 57 that he wanted the third-grade students to begin to think of themselves attending college.

“I was hired to look at the issues facing African-American kids in the South Bend Community Schools Corporation and my job specifically says that I need to develop programs and develop strategies to help these kids and their families become more successful academically,” Moss said.

An educator hired specifically to see to the needs and issues of one group, while excluding all others. And not just on these field trips. How marvelous.
Keep it up with that dividing, teachers; you’re doing a bang-up job! Then go on to wonder why these kids grow up to have ‘issues’ regarding race relations the rest of their lives.

Then again, considering this: (from the article)

students will also participate in activities, including one where students will read “mindset messages” aloud, printed on green and yellow beach balls.

…I don’t think I’d allow my child to attend, no matter his/her skin color. Aside from the inanity, indoctrinate much?

Concur with 2c. A school system whose purpose is to educate every student has no business having staff people with an official particular ethnic (or gender) focus. And the beach ball exercise about “mindset messages” is fraught with potential for educational abuse/malpractice: it could be about self-sabotaging internal attitudes; it could be about “Whitey is keeping you down”. Given this country’s thriving victimology industry, that latter is a very credible possibility.

If Mr. Moss wants to do something like this on his own time in conjunction with some church or other non-governmental organization, that’s his right. But not on the taxpayer’s dime and not under the aegis of the public school system.


I think it should be handled as a after school extracurricular activity. Our Spanish teacher did something similar for the Hispanic students where I live. They did not g during school though. They went after school. personally I do not see a problem with it if it is handled as a after school extracurricular activity and the students parents pay for the trip. Going on the schools dime and time though is unacceptable.

Like the OP said the intent is not bad but the age level is questionable. I would at least wait until they were in Jr. High.

Sadly, that’s all too true. And although it’s been beat to death, just what reaction do you think there’d be from that ‘victimology industry’ had only Oriental children or only Whites been allowed to attend?
Besides which, just what are 8 & 9 yr olds supposed to learn from this exercise? That when you go to college, you get to play with beach balls?

If Mr. Moss wants to do something like this on his own time in conjunction with some church or other non-governmental organization, that’s his right.


But not on the taxpayer’s dime and not under the aegis of the public school system.

I don’t understand why there even is such a position that Mr. Moss holds in a public school.

At least the school is recognizing that their black students have education issues. But what is their real agenda, and why aren’t the addressing the real root causes?

Recently the black NJ teacher that had her third graders send “get well” cards to the cop killer in prison, had me look up that school district’s grades. The third graders there tested at about 20%. Meaning that 80% of the third graders in NJ tested higher. The group that reported this gave the district a rating of one star out of five.

I checked the third graders at my local school here in CA and it came out with five stars.

Of course I don’t know how CA vs NJ schools compare. I’m assuming these are the recent common core test scores, but again, I don’t know.

We recently read about all the black Atlanta teachers going to prison because they changed the scores on these tests to get better ratings for the funding.

There seems to be a serious problem with educating black kids in this country and it’s not because of their race.

Now this is one powerful statement!!
And I would lay at least 95% of the cause on 1- PCism, 2- Dimocrats, 3- The JJs, Sharpton’s etc. (But then I could have just said “LIBERALS”. :grin:)

Yes, it is, and that’s the problem!
Blacks have long been denigrated for trying to learn, and rising above average. (Or even below average.)
They’re called “Uncle Tom’s”, or trying to “be like Whitey”, “traitors to their race”, and every other name in the book - by their very own peers.

They’re suffocating under it, and in my book, that’s downright criminal.

Maybe if blacks quit being so darn racist, themselves, they’d figure out that life is a whole lot better on the other side of the spectrum.

I totally agree with all of that. But I also think it’s generational. What I’ve experienced with my own kids’ educations is that you have to have parents that care enough to see that they do what’s expected of them and encourage them. Too many of our inner city kids don’t have the support at home, or things are chaotic at home.