Indiana Senate Candidate Mourdock makes controversial rape comment


Exclusive interview: Mourdock braces for fallout - Manu Raju -


There is nothing controversial about saying that God is the author of all human life regardless of how that life is conceived and so we should respect human life in our laws and political considerations.

The fact that the Extreme Left jumps on these type of comments should be all the evidence that anyone needs to determine that the Left are so Godless they have never even considered such matters.


Right! God made our bodies to work the way they do. He made it so that conception occurs when a sperm unites with an egg. God set that process in motion. If it happens because of adultery, rape - or even within marriage - it is simply that our bodies are following the rules of nature that God set up. He is still the Author of Life.


I don’t find it controversial, but I didn’t like the Politico headline.

His words were twisted, but this will still hurt him.


But of course that is NOT what Murdock said…which kinda makes your comment worthless.
"“I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God,” Mourdock said at a debate. “And I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.


Right, GOD INTENDED LIFE TO HAPPEN. He’s not saying God raped or wanted the girl to be raped.


Exactly, everyone without an Anti Christian/Anti Conservative agenda can clearly see that.

In other words, every non Establishment GOP Cheerleader.


Well there’s a few million $$'s in ads coming using this as another example of the Republican White Males war on women. And they can MAKE that case with Mourdoks own words to just about everyone who is not a soc-con AND a fundie.

In a LITERAL description he is saying that God INTENDED this particular girl to get pregnant as a result of a despicable act of rape. Not that every child deserves life, or every child is a blessing, or even a child of rape has a right to life and God’s love…any of which would never have caused such an uproar. He made a dumb statement that is distasteful to most and will pay a price. I hope he still squeaks through.


This is a classic example of a liberal smearfest. What is wrong with what he said? Are not all children a gift from God? Is life not a gift from God?

I don’t agree with Santorum on A LOT of issues, but I agree with him 100% in this interview on CNN.