Indoor Eagle Project Ideas

I hope this is the right forum, oh well.

Backstory: I turn 18 this January, so I need to do a project by early December. I had a full project planned with a guy that works at a war-reenactment site but today, the day before I present it to my troop for approval, he changes his mind and no longer approves the project. This leaves dozens of hours of work completely gone and me with a very short time limit in getting Eagle before I turn 18.

So this is my question: With the weather turning cold, and outdoor projects becoming obsolete, I need suggestions or little ideas you’ve heard that I could possibly look in to doing for my Eagle project. I know people in my troop have done things like monuments for remembering aborted babies, so if you want to incorporate Conservatism that would also be great :flag:.

Hopefully I’ll spark some sort of idea here, since I’m depleted.

Wow, that sucks big time.

I’ve never been a scout. What sorts of projects do they typically do to get their Eagle Scout rating (or however you term it) ?

My friend built a bridge on a nature trail, large enough and sturdy enough for 4 wheelers to cross safely.

It’s the rank of Eagle.

And generally it’s any project that can benefit a local community that is completely run by you. It has to be for a non-scouting non-profit organization (school, library, church, public parks are most common).

A coworker of mine was a scoutmaster for many years. He told me that there is a merit badge or some sort of award for Amatuer (ham) radio. If you are interested in studying for your license and/or engaging in local emergency communication exercises, find a local Amatuer Radio Club. They are non-profits and are usually involved with local EMS and disater related agencies. They usually offer testing sessions for obtaining ham licenses and conduct exercises with local Emegency agencies for disaster preparedness. Just an idea. For more info, check out ARRLWeb: ARRL Home Page. It just so happens that a this link, the first article on the list is about scouts and ham radio (ARRLWeb: ARRL NEWS: Youth@HamRadio.Fun: A Scouting Marathon).

You may even be able to convince the local ham club to schedule an event that accommodates yourself and other scouts as well as give tem the practice that they want. It doesn’t take much arm twisting if you are truly sincere. They look for excuses to do such things.

Make a statue of Ron Paul. :tongue:

Doing a google search of Eagle projects should give you some ideas. I was never a scout, so I don’t know what’s required.

I have a Ron Paul action figure. Does that count? :whistle:

I found an idea. We’re going to be painting the cafeteria of a special-education school in the city. Since it’s government owned all the costs for paint are covered. Totally in line with my beliefs, right? :tongue:

Sounds like a plan!

I’m an Eagle Scout actually… I remember my project fairly fondly.

With that said, it took a lot of planning, and because you waited till the last second…

Here is an idea that should be fairly quick to organize and save lives! Organize a blood drive! Bonus points if you do it at a Church and get those church members involved! Here is a couple links to get you going.

Sponsoring a Blood Drive | Give Life | American Red Cross
Blood Mobile Planning Check List | Give Life | American Red Cross

I expect a post from you that you’ve become a fellow Eagle Scout! Good luck.

Earlier tonight my troop committee approved my plans for the project.

Tons of painting to be done the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I have 10 rollers donated, and 10 gallons of paint. Now just need to go do work.

So how did it go? Did you make it to Eagle?

Yes I did, I totally forgot about this thread.

I got eagle January 18th, my ceremony was March 26th.

none of the invited Politicians came, since my invitation had a gadsden flag on it :confused:

I’d shake your hand if I could. Congrats on the Eagle. :slight_smile: Just to put into perspective just how many of us there are that’s done it, the BSA announced at the end of 2009 the 2,000,000 Eagle Scout since the founding of Scouting. Put into perspective a population of the United States of about 300,000,000 people. If we make the dangerous assumption that half that population is men, you are looking at of the entire male population in the United States, only 1.3% ever attain the rank of Eagle. We are rare, period. I personally think it’s something to be proud of, and I do put it on my resume. lol

How unusual, a libertarian overcoming his selfish individualism and egoism in community service. You are a disgrace, Brett.

Or a shining example :smiley: Congratulations.

Maylar: At every eagle ceremony we read stats called the “100 Scouts”. Only 1/4 boys try scouting, and only 4% of that makes Eagle. It is a rare thing that needs to be encouraged more. None of my schools ever encouraged it, it was all my father, who regrets never joining Scouting.

RWNJ: I know, it was difficult helping others. Ayn Rand looks down on me (actually, maybe up, being a vigilent atheist) in shame. But thanks :biggrin:

Congrats on the Eagle!

A belated congratulations for earning Eagle rank. My son did his Eagle Project, a bunch of landscaping, in December, 2002 and passed his Eagle Board the following month. I’ve been privileged to serve on several Eagle Boards of Review, so I can honestly say that I know you worked long and hard to earn your rank!

Congratulations to both of you. I was a Boy Scout, not an Eagle though, but I well remember how difficult it was for anyone to make the Eagle rank. Back in my troop days, the Eagles were almost considered to be gods :wink: