Inmate shot his jaw off, wants state to fix it


Monte B. Callaway blew off his jaw trying to commit suicide. Now he wants the state of Oregon to pay an estimated $45,000 to fix his face while he serves a prison term. The state says it won’t because the surgery is cosmetic, not necessary.
Callaway is making his case himself in suits filed in federal court, the Oregonian reported Friday.

His unusual claim is part of a prison medical care system that costs taxpayers $100 million a year. Federal courts have ruled that inmates have a constitutional right to medical care equal to what’s available on the outside.

Inmate shot his jaw off, wants state to fix it - New York Daily News

I am surprised the state is not rushing to help this guy. The prison system has done sex changes and given kidneys to prisoners on death row so why not this?/sarcasm

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It has long galled me that while prisoners are denied the rights of liberty, voting, and gun ownership, they are still considered to have the right to sue…


I’m surprised the State of OR didn’t pay him off quickly, being happy he didn’t sue for pain and suffering (such a suit would probably win in CA!).


So you shot yourself, and want the State to pay for your recovery? Man what HAS the world come to?


Oh no joke. California always love to defend violent felons.