Instructions to the Philadelphia police: “Don’t arrest them; just disburse them”

Don’t Arrest them, disburse them

That was what the Philadelphia police were told to do during the latest outbreak of Black Lives Matter sponsored riots and looting. In other words, let them take what they want. Among the swag was a lot of ammunition, and gun fire was heard in a number of areas NOT BY THE POLICE.

Other items included TVs, computers, washing Machines, Christmas trees and anything else in the store. The looters were taking so much they could not fit it into their cars. One film clip showed a bozo putting a flat screen TV on the roof of his car without a tie down. It fell off as soon he started driving away.

Let’s hope the northern cops do what they have done here in Tampa. They identified some of the perpetrators, tracked them down and arrested them after the fact.

The rioting and looting has occurred three miles away from where the latest “victim” was shot. Reports indicate that the police had been called 38 times since May to investigate the actions of this knife wheedling “mentally ill” person. He had terrorized his family for years.

Remember “the good old days” when you could get a crazy person off the streets. Not now. Now they do whatever they want. If they get shot and killed by the police, it provides the perfect opportunity for the community loot, burn and get free stuff.

And Biden and the Democrats stand idlily by and give it tacit support. Life is going to be hell when the Democrats take control.

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