Intelligence Director stumped on London terror plots


White House Admits Intel Chief Was Not Briefed on Britain Terror Arrests -

And how come he’s not called stupid by the media?


yeah, no reason for him to know anything about that… right?


Obama’s friends are off limits


This is why the Internet has to be controlled! How can the White House be expected to know about this kind of thing without the Huffington Post reporting on it first!


This doesn’t surprize me at all. It emphasizes the vacuum known as Washington, DC. People within the beltway around DC live in a vacuum and have no idea what is going on in the outside world.


After yesterday and the garbage that was passed, cynicism rears it’s ugly head, probably to stay. Time for the ‘tea party’ to declare itself a real political entity------then again why smear oneself with the same tarbrush.

How d#@^&* demoralizing


With Mr. Obama needing TOTUS just about wherever he speaks, why expect better communications among his flunkies? Marginal control freaks don’t pick staff who are better than them, even in special skills and knowledge fields!


Absolutely! He couldn’t stand to have staff that is smarter than he is (which means he really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with his staff).


Meh, he scraped a hole in the bottom of the barrel and dug in the dirt for most of 'em…


This whole thing just smells.

[SIZE=“2”]Adviser John Brennan said that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper should have been kept abreast of the situation and that “steps” are being taken to ensure he’s not kept in the dark on such significant developments in the future. But Brennan defended Clapper, calling him the “consummate DNI.”

I suspect, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is just a figure head and Adviser John Brennan is the real head of National Intelligence.

Why you ask ? Well THIS White House is “politics first, country second”, and James Clapper is hanging out there getting bypassed so when the Stuff hits the fan, James Clapper will get chopped. Thus all political lackies are safe when the next bomber hits.

IF this is NOT the case, then our national security is being handled by MORONS.



That sounds about right to me.