Intelligent People

The abortion ban is a ban against causal sex, but only for stupid people. If they really could they would just ban casual sex, that’s why you see the hints towards banning contraception. See I’ve had lots of casual sex and the stares I’ve gotten from my neighbors and the cops well, lets just say they weren’t happy. Sometimes you gotta hit to see which ones commit. Been married for 10 years pretty sure I did it right. It’s really not about the fetus its anti casual sex. I notice the people that are the most pro life are either virgins or people with near zero sexual partners the sexually frustrated.

People hate people getting a nice feeling that’s “dirty” every time I hit my vape box I get stares. It’s like not even 1/1000th of a ciggerete. Its just the fact I’m getting a fix. If it were nicotine gum it would be the same stare. The party of small government wants to slut shame, kink break, drug bust, book burn, media control its way into power. Culture literally hates them, and duh they’re old they ugh are the literal definition of a buzz kill. Like I 100% flipping hate marijuana, but if someone likes it for them that’s their bag.

News to me. The only thing I’m seeing any movement to try to ban in this context is the government paying for it. Which is exactly what I would like to see.