Interesting animation of COVID cases over time by political lean

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On the up side, nobody has died of old age since last April!


I guess the lesson learned is if you want to be saved from the plague, vote Democrat! Though conversely, Republicans probably have a much higher immunity now.

We really really need to open up this country.

I’m thinking that idea is failing miserably.

Do you know about PCR test cycle threshold?

It’s been reported that at least some places are using a CT of 40. That amplifies it to the point that a few broken pieces of remnant virus will give a positive. A positive with a CT of 25 is a true positive, but 40 is absurd and almost fraudulent.

I don’t know if that’s at play here. But people below the age of 20 usually only feel like they have a cold if anything at all. People below 40 might feel it worse, but they almost never die of it. And everyone can prepare themselves to have lighter symptoms by taking vitamin D.

We should all take vitamin D and open this country up.

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Failing to wreck the economy in States that have common sense and respect science?

The States where your guys run the show have succeeded greatly in destroying the lives of the innocent for absolutely no reason; as one would expect :rofl:

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