Interesting thoughts on the Rob Porter situation


If you aren’t familiar with the story here it is as reported by Fox

Now, this post isn’t about criticizing the President or his staff for bringing on Porter who was either known or was know very shortly after he started in the Whitehouse to have allegations of physical abuse against both of his ex-wives.

The real question that I find interesting is that Porter was working with an interim security clearance. Now I’m sure you all know that the President himself can waive the need for a clearance. For example, the President has, to this point, waived the need for Jared Cushner to acquire a clearance and give him access to classified data even though the FBI has not granted him a full security clearance, and that’s fine (legally) as the President has that authority.

In the case of Mr. Porter, the FBI informed the Whitehouse that he would not be eligible for a clearance. Reportedly Chief of Staff John Kelly and Whitehouse council Don Mcgann were made aware of why Rob Porter could not get a clearance.

Interestingly, the President claims he knew nothing about Mr. Porter’s background (and ostensibly the allegations against him).

So, the question is, who cleared Rob Porter to see all of the material that the President sees (as it’s the Whitehouse Secretaries job to deliver to the President materials he has to read and sign).

So this comes down to:

  1. The President waived the need for a clearance for Rob Porter despite his background.
  2. The President waived the need for a clearance for Rob Porter knowing nothing of his background (it was kept from him).
  3. Somone else allowed Rob Porter to maintain his interim clearance (if not the FBI or the President, who would have that authority?)

All three are troubling.

  1. Legal, but raises questions about the President’s judgment
  2. This raises questions about the President’s staff and how much control the President has over his own Whitehouse.
  3. Illegal, as only the FBI or the President, would have the authority to grant (the FBI) or waive (the President) the security clearance process.

Now I’m always genuinely interested in the perspectives I get here, even if I disagree.


All right. In my discussions with idiots across the nations newspapers, I asked one simple question. Has Porter been convicted of abuse, or abusive behavior? He has been issued by the courts a restraining order regarding one wife. That being said, when is it proper to CONVICT anybody in the United States without a proper and legal hearing. This seems to be a lady thing and a liberal thing.
Point 2: I will accept the fact, he should have been vetted by the folks in charge and either he wasn’t or his indesgressions were overlooked. How in anyway does that play with Trump> It wasn’t Kelly it was the personell man who sends him through and Kelly will approve or disapprove based on recommendations.
So mr CS Brown; What is your actual anti-Trump point?


Where did I say Porter is guilty? I didn’t.

The facts are:

  1. There are credible allegations against him
  2. He cannot obtain a permanent clearance

The point of this post wasn’t to litigate his guilt or innocence.

  1. Who issued Porter his interim clearance?

  2. Did whoever issued it know what Porter was accused of?

Who said this was an “anti-Trump” post? This was a question about clearances and asking this group their thoughts on the situation with Mr. Porter.

Regardless of Kelly’s part in this, he cannot issue a clearance to anyone. That is solely at the President’s discretion.

Did Kelly inform the President of the situation with Porter?

If so, then that was an egregious error on the part of the President.
If not, and Kelly didn’t inform him, then that’s on Kelly, wouldn’t you agree?

Either way its evidence of more dysfunction. The fact that there are still 25 people (iirc) that are working in the Whitehouse without permanent clearance. This would be a huge scandal if it was anyone else. It’s interesting what people like you are willing to overlook when you support the person in the Whitehouse and what you won’t look past when you don’t.


The FBI granted Porter an “interim security clearance”, which they have the authority to do, BTW. One ex-wife is claiming that Porter “punched her in the eye” and has produced a photo of her with a black eye–ADMITTING that the first photo was taken BY her husband…Porter. The second’s “allegation” of abuse is that he was “verbally and emotionally abusive”, whatever THAT means, and once pulled her out of a shower. In YOUR world that constitutes “spousal abuse?”


Again, not the point of the post. I’m not litigating Porter’s guilt or innocence.


No, you’re implying that the Trump White House is “dysfunctional” because YOU don’t understand the very concept of (and who’s authorized to grant) an “interim security clearance.” Go stir some other pot. This one’s not going to be productive for you.


The FBI does the legwork when it comes to investigating White House officials seeking security clearances, like former secretary Rob Porter, but the White House ultimately calls the shots.

In Porter’s case, my understanding is that the FBI did not issue him a security clearance of any kind. The interim clearance would have come from the Whitehouse and should have come directly from the President as he is the only person authorized to do so.

It looks like Kelly may have known but did not tell the President.
The PResident knew and ignored it.

If you have a better understanding of the situation, please share.


Nonsense. You’re claiming that ONLY the President can grant ANYONE a security clearance, and that’s pure, unadulterated BS. I had a TS clearance while in the Army and I’ll bet my last dollar that LBJ had never even HEARD of me. If you knew the first thing about how clearances–including “interim” clearances–are granted, you’d simply keep your mouth shut about this issue.


If that’s what you took from what I said, allow me to correct it.

The President has the last say with respect to the Whitehouse.

If the FBI will not grant a clearance to someone that is working in the whitehouse, as they refused to do with Porter and several others, ONLY the President can authorize an interim clearance in the Whitehouse.


Nonsense. There is NO DATA ANYWHERE that claims the FBI “refused” to grant Porter a clearance…none. That claim comes solely from the CNN/MSNBC Trump haters…period.


Then why didn’t he have a clearance a year later?


He DID. He was still operating under an “interim clearance.” Inertia isn’t “proof” of anything. WHEN are you “never-Trumpers” ever going to get that?


Why doesn’t he have a permanent clearance? Is it because there are issues perhapsos with domestic abuse in his background?


Ah yes, it’s the seriousness of the charges that matters. Time and again the left uses the politics of personal destruction while their minions commit crimes against the People and the Republic. The only thing left standing between them and their day of reckoning is, sadly, …the Attorney General of the United States. I have no words to describe my contempt for him.


Ever heard of “inertia?” That’s when people are too busy with important matters to complete something of minor importance. It’s one reason federal bureaucrats take months to do something that private businesses can accomplish in hours or a few days.


False, the FBI did a background check and would not grant him a clearance. I suspect that he quit so the invbestigation being done would cease as it has now that he’s left.


What you “suspect” has little, if anything, to do with Reality, CSB. The FBI doesn’t “grant” security clearances. It merely makes recommendations to the granting authorities after doing their due diligence.


Annnnnd the FBI concluded their investigation on Mr. Porter back in July and the “granting authority” obviously refused to give him a clearance.


So? Look up the word “inertia” in your Funk and Wagnall Dictionary.


Still making excuses. The fact is that people in the areas of highest sensitivity are pushed to the front of the line. This isn’t an issue of “too busy” or an issue that lacks importance.

You are living in a bubble. Even Trumps FBI appointee has now conflicted the WH story on all of this. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

Step outside the right wing bubble you live in and see the facts.