Internet controlled Shotgun


Internet-controlled shotguns are the high-tech, extremely illegal solution to hog infestation
Internet-controlled shotguns are the high-tech, extremely illegal solution to hog infestation

A man in southern Georgia, apparently fed up with all the wild hogs on his property but unwilling to spend unnecessary time outdoors, set up a complex network of webcams and powerful shotguns to solve his little problem.

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And of course Sarah gets drug into it too. 10th post, pretty quick.

I think this is a great way to raise money for Sarah Palin’s presidential campaign. Set up scads of internet controlled guns in Alaskan moose territory and depending on what tier of donation you give, you get to squeeze off a certain number of rounds, hopefully resulting in the death of a moose which, as you all well know, is a sacrifice which most pleases God Jehova and the ghost of Ronald Reagan.


That was supposed to be hilarious creative satire. I wonder, though, whether even very many Progs would find it amusing.


I thought that was real.


Why is it illegal? In our state, it’s illegal NOT to do everything you can to irradicate them.
But as far as this line from the author goes:

The bulletin does not address what must be considered the really important question: how long until internet-controlled shotguns become the focus of a computer age scare movie?

How incredibly blah not to be aware that it was already done in a James Bond movie eons ago. [And I’m talking Sean Connery; not those other dweebs the producers lamely attempted to reproduce. And yup, I even remember Roger Moore.]


It probably falls under the laws forbidding the use of trap guns (not referring to guns used to shoot skeet) rigged to shoot burglars when they open a door.


I can see a whhhhooooole lot that can go wrong with it. Take your pick, kids, greenies and PITA, malfunctions, hacking and plain old human error. Two guys just “randomly” and purely “accidentally” trespassing through just happen to have a video camera running. The gun goes off, again purely “accidentally”. Just which way is a Liberal judge going to rule? Even when the trespassers fingerprints are found on the device.