At one time sex was determined by whether you stood or squatted to P, but today we have DNA and I do not beleive there is such a thing as Intersex! GLBTQ and now I, how about GLBTQ0 (zero)

Intersex person who was denied a passport over gender designation sues U.S. government

Dana Zzyym needed a U.S. passport, but the application offered only two gender choices: male or female. For Zzyym, neither was accurate.
Zzyym was born with ambiguous genitalia and identifies as intersex, neither male nor female. Zzyym — who uses the gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “them” — was denied a passport after the State Department declined to let Zzyymuse the gender marker “X.”
Zzyym, a Fort Collins, Colo., resident and Navy veteran, has sued the State Department, saying the federal government violated the Constitution’s guarantees ofdue process rights and discriminated against Zzyym based on gender. The suit names Secretary of State John F. Kerry as a defendant and alleges that in order to get a passport, Zzyym would have had to lie under penalty of perjury.
Oral arguments in the case were presented Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Denver before Judge R. Brooke Jackson. A decision is forthcoming.
“Dana, a U.S. veteran and American citizen, refused to lie and subject themself to a criminal penalty in order to complete a government form,” said Paul Castillo of Lambda Legal, one of Zzyym’s attorneys. “The passport was denied not based on misrepresentation on the form or misconduct or fraud but because of who Dana is.”
Zzyym tried to apply for a passport in 2014 to attend the International Intersex Forum in Mexico City. In an application packet, Zzyym presented a birth certificate, which lists gender as “unknown,” and statements from multiple Department of Veterans Affairs doctors confirming that Zzyym is intersex, Castillo said.
In an interview, Zzyym said Zzyym presented a VA identification card, which does not list a gender, as well as a personal letter stating their gender identity, but still was denied.
“This is who I am,” Zzyym said. “This is how I was born. Many people are able to get their passports with their biological sex, and I should be allowed to do the same thing.”
The State Department declined to comment on pending litigation.
When Zzyym, 58, was born in Michigan with ambiguous genitalia, doctors initially left the sex designation on the birth certificate blank, according to the lawsuit. Shortly after birth, Zzyym’s parents decide to raise their child as a boy named Brian Orin Whitney. The birth certificate was filled in as “male.”
As a young child, Zzyym underwent numerous gender-assignment surgeries, which, Zzyym said, left severe scarring and still cause physical pain. Zzyym’s family never explained the surgeries or that Zzyym was born intersex, Zzyym said.
While identifying as a male, Zzyym enlisted in the Navy, completing three tours of duty in Lebanon and one tour through the Persian Gulf, according to the lawsuit.
After leaving the military, Zzyym researched thescars and started to ponder questions of identity. A Veterans Affairs urologist confirmed Zzyym’s intersex identity in 2009. Whitney’s name was legally changed to Dana Alix Zzyym in 1995.


17 Oaks,

I’m pretty sure those who are “intersex” don’t only have a genetic aberration and don’t “self identify” like a lot of these crazy gender identities people come up with. There are phenotypes associated with intersex people (i.e. physical manifestations of the genetic condition). That is, intersex people actually have reproductive organs that are associated with both sexes, or the sex opposite what one might think them to be. It’s an actual medical condition.

By your analogy, an intersex person might look like they should squat when the pee, but actually would stand up.


Sorry. Sex is determined by chromosomes. The sex-related pair of chromosomes are either XX for female or XY (one leg of one chromosome missing) for male.

There is, or at least my biology textbook asserted, a rare case of a “mosaic” - of two embryos which grew together to form one complete person; who might have parts of his body with XX and parts with XY. But that’s extremely rare.

Here, I found a link.

The rest of this is just New-Age pablum…they wish to promote their sexual anarchy by preaching an alternate reality of chaos. Biology is straightforward - but as we’ve seen with Glow Ball Warming, when facts and political needs collide in the world of Liberalism, facts and reality are put in the trash.



I don’t know why I seized on this, given as it is relatively minor, but I did just read an article about it so I figured I might as well go with it.

Intersex is not a “gender identity” like some people like to talk about. It isn’t like being “transgender” or something else of that nature. It is a biological reality, just like being a male or female. People who are intersex may have XXY chromosomes, or may have excess testosterone or estrogen, or may have male genitalia but female internal reproductive anatomy. Some people who are intersex never even know that they have an abnormal genetic or phenotypic pattern.

I don’t know anything about that Zzyym guy but I do know that intersex isn’t something you identify as, but is a biological fact.


Triple sex chromosomes is mongolism. Or as it’s now called, “Down’s Syndrome.”

XXY manifests itself as male; and XXX of course is female. There is no ambiguity there.

There are cases of genital sizes that are not within normal limits, but that is mutation or just heredity.


Triple sex chromosomes is mongolism. Or as it’s now called, "Down’s Syndrome.

Down’s Syndrome does result from a trisomy (i.e. triplets of certain chromosomes, instead of the usual pair), but no from trisomy of the sex chromosomes but from trisomy in chromosome 21.

XXY manifests itself as male; and XXX of course is female. There is no ambiguity there.

There are cases of genital sizes that are not within normal limits, but that is mutation or just heredity.

An XXY genotype does sometimes manifest as a phenotypically normal male, but sometimes it does result in certain sex ambiguities (like Kinfelter’s Syndrome).

By and large, I believe intersex people owe their condition largely to epigenetic abnormalities (oddities with the way genes get expressed). I’m not really an expert though, this comes pretty much from the couple of biology classes and a couple of articles I’ve read on the condition.

The bottom line is, however, that I’m not sure anger at intersex people in general is well placed. They suffer from a diagnosable medical and physiological (they often have ambiguous genitalia, not just abnormally sized genitalia) condition which they acquired before birth through no fault of their own.


Pretending to secret knowledge does nothing to change long-established biological FACTS.

Two sexes.

All else is political sophistry - intended to sow social chaos, to the advantage of those who want to benefit from the tyranny which comes out of chaos.