Interview by Howie Carr of Col. David Hunt on Benghazi


*Col David Hunt transcript: Real-Time Proof of Benghazi Negligence and Cover-up
**Howie Carr interview with Col David Hunt ^ **| October 12, 2012 | Col David Hunt
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Fox military analyst Col. David Hunt checked in with us again after the revelation that there were multiple listening posts which heard the cries for help from the US Embassy in Libya, and none of them did anything.
[HR][/HR]*Carr: Colonel Hunt, thanks for being with us again today. What did you think when you heard Joseph Biden talking ragtime right out of the box last night?*HUNT - The second time in my public career I get to call a public figure a liar — that’s what I thought. Joseph Biden, right off the bat, lied.
He said that what happened in Libya recently… The administration looked so inept is because of an intelligence failure.
Howie, When Pakistan blew up an atomic bomb, and we didn’t know about it, that was an intelligence failure. When 9/11 happened, that was an intelligence failure. When India blew up an atomic bomb and we didn’t know about it, that was an intelligence failure.
When the Iraqi military lined up on the Kuwaiti border, and we didn’t see it coming – didn’t know they were attacking until they did it, that’s an intelligence failure.
This is a flat leadership problem.
What happened is that a woman named Lamb, Undersecretary of State for DSS (Department of State Security), 2 days ago, told Issa’s committee that she listened, was talking to, and recorded an almost six hour fight that resulted in the death of four Americans. She was at the State Department’s Operations Center in Foggy Bottom in DC.
When that happens, there are a bunch of people that get informed. President of the US gets found---- the embassy is being attacked—Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director of CIA, and on and on.
What also happens is that their command centers, National Command Center (CIA), White House Situation Room— twelve [Command Centers] that I won’t bore you with. At least twelve separate Command Centers are listening to the same conversation. It went on for six hours. The question I think, besides the fact that Biden is lying about it, is Why didn’t we do anything? Why didn’t the United States government react?
Here we are, listening to an attack, and we didn’t do a thing. We’ve got aircraft in Europe, aircraft in the in the Gulf, and we have the capability of doing something, and we did nothing. But for the Vice President…My point is everybody, from the moment the attack happened, in our government, and the decision-making capability, knew that it was an attack, that it was organized, that it was violent, and that it had nothing, nothing to do with a riot, an assembly of people, or a film…

This is about a 2 min read but it will drop your jaw and open your eyes…

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Glenn Beck has more on it this morning. He’s on the verge of accusing Obama of treason, an opinion that I concur with.
What Glenn’s been reporting for two weeks, the media is begining to trickle out. Last night Gretta Van Sustern reported what Glenn had two weeks ago, as if it was breaking news. I’m sure Hannity will report it and claim he’s the first and only one reporting it.


I am about as far from a Conspiracy nut as anyone, but after watching Obama’s America 2016 One has to think. Let me say that I put this film on the lines of Fahrenheit 911, as its mostly conjecture and propaganda, however, it did make me think and look a little more closely at this President. There isn’t going to be any President that has the iron to prosecute anyone from this administration for treason. Once the term is over no one to include Holder will be prosecuted for any reason.


I have noticed that Greta is far more conservative than when she arrived at Fox…you know you was a big LIBERAL, her and hubby both. Also have noticed the good looking blonde who is a liberal, she is a Fox contributor she has moved a LONG ways toward the right. Good lookin gal, cannot remember her name, she is the female bob beckel. Bob is an OK guy most of the time, BUT Juan Williams, WOW, I like him UNLESS you ask him about OBAMA and the guy goes rabid. Most of the time is logical and carrying on a good banter, but bring up Obamy and he goes EXTREME left…


[quote=“17Oaks, post:4, topic:36754”]
Also have noticed the good looking blonde who is a liberal, she is a Fox contributor she has moved a LONG ways toward the right. Good lookin gal, cannot remember her name, she is the female bob beckel…
[/quote]Kirsten Powers ?


Yea, I have noticed over the past couple of years she has toned down a LOT, compared to when she first appeared on FOX news, she was a LEFTY!!!

If you have any smarts, and ‘think for yourself’ brain power, then how in the hell could you have stayed with Obamy for 4 years.

I blame no one for support his hope and change message way back there, lord knows I know LOTS of conservatives who did, I did. But in the back of my mind there was Jimmy Karter…and when I got to the voting booth, I changed my mind and DID NOT vote for him and glad I did not. That made me grow ever skeptical of Obama in spite of his great message. By the time he was the candidate I saw thru him, Rev Wright!!! etc.

He has proved to me he was who I thought it was and much much more. NOT the great uniter, but the great divider. I think lots of Americans fell for his siren song, but they wanted to believe so bad they rejected the emerging reality he was/is a radical black Liberation, racist, Muslim who is not an American no matter where he was born