Introducing myself


Ludwik Kowalski, retired nuclear physicist from New Jersey




Give less info on your books, and more info about yourself.


No thank you, we have plenty of commercials and advertisements.


You wrote: “Give less info on your books, and more info about yourself.” I do not think that talking about myself a lot, on this forum, would be appropriate. I wrote an autobiography, and those who might be interested will find a lot about me there. That is enough; I would very much prefer to discuss topics, those posted by me, and by other people.

By the way, I encountered a technical problem. Perhaps someone will help. After introducing myself I prepared my first post, entitled “Socialist United States.” All went smoothly; the post looked fine after I pressed the “preview” button. Then I pressed the “send” button (or perhaps it was called differently). But my post was not displayed. I repeated this two more times but the result was the same. My topic is still not listed on the forum on which it was posted. Why is it so? I have not seen any error message on the screen. It was probably something trivial. What did I forget to do?

Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)


You should introduce yourself and participate for awhile.

This a forum, not a classroom. If the members are intrigued by your input they might want to read your life story, right now all we know of you is that you posted a bunch of links.


I see three posts from you. If you pressed the post button, it should be here.

To the first point, raised by the members here, you are not welcome to post advertisements to links, books, blogs etc. without first consulting The Operative (the owner of this site, someone who derives an income from advertising). You may wish to purchase advertising from him, or he may approve of your advertising pro bono.

As the members have already said, they want to engage you directly. Posting a bunch of links here makes us wary. Normally, it’s a few ads or a constant barrage of “here’s my latest blog over here on this site. Come check it out.”

You appear to be the sort who is interested in actual discussions etc., so consider yourself advised. No more link posts. Discuss issues. I for one am interested in seeing you interact with Volk and perhaps J.Anderson.

I will be observing how you interact with the membership in your next few posts.

Thank you and welcome.


Welcome! Enjoy the site.

So, uh, I guess you’re pretty smart or something, right?






Welcome :smile: