Introducing myself


I guess we are supposed to introduce ourselves, so here goes : I have lived in California most of my adult life, although I grew up in Oregon. I would consider myself conservative in my politics, although I don’t always follow the party line on every issue. I am a Christian, but not necessarily a fundamentalist. I have a wife and two small boys, ages 6 and 4 who mean everything to me. I enjoy golf, sports (especially watching my beloved Trail Blazers, 49ers and SF Giants), reading novels, watching movies, eating out, playing computer games and dabbling a bit in fly fishing. When I am not spending time with my family and doing the above hobbies, I drag myself off to work where I slave away five days a week as an internal medicine physician. I joined this site in the hopes of finding interesting conversation with like minded individuals, having tired of reading the biased rantings on most mainstream media sites. I hope that it works out well and I look forward to being here.


Welcome! I’m Emma and I’m also new here. In the short time I’ve been here I have made friends with many wonderful people.


Welcome to RO!

As a fellow 49er and Giant fan I know just how high and low sports emotion can run in just a few short months!

I am a California Conservative also but I land just to the right of Rush Limbaugh on most things and I try quite hard not to argue with the Bible.

I think you will find most every perspective represented here so debates get lively but our Mods are pretty good about making sure they stay PG-13 or tamer.

I will be watching for your contributions, have a blast!


:eek: Two young munchkins, a wife and being a physician, and you have time for an online discussion site? :eek: If by, “I slave away five days a week as an internal medicine physician,” you mean for your patients, you have my profound respect and thanks! My family has been blessed to have doctors like that!

Oh, and welcome! Norcal or Socal?


Hi and welcome! Pay no mind to Starring_Emma. She (or more likely, he) is just trolling, and will be duely banned when a mod comes on and sees what’s happening.




I am a moral Christian and I do not fear the troll who is named Fantasy Chaser


Fantasy is one of the longest posting members on this forum SO. SHUT. UP.


Well, I like to think that I am very conscientious when it comes to my patients, but it is hard work, and not always very fun. And I’m in Norcal, but my wife hails from SoCal, so there are divided loyalties in the house when the Giants play the Dodgers usually. And thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.


I grew up in Yolo County, across the river from Sacto and now live in Silicon Valley. Mrs. S in CA was born in Germany (both parents Americans) but grew up in San Jose. It’s nice to find another sane Californian.


I guess thats all of you, then.


You know I just had a funny thought, now that Arnie is unemployed (i assume?) he could very well be sitting at home in his trakky daks, chip crumbs on his shirt, reading our posts.

Weclome :slight_smile: I’m not a conservative as such, my political views are all over the place but I mostly agree on the economics & hard work aspects. Socially I’m quite non-conservative. I’m not from the states so I don’t have the same political culture, so I’m neither lib or con. Have fun :slight_smile:


Ooh, you’re an internist? My PCP is one. =) Anyways, welcome. I’m your long-lost neighbor. =D points to location


Yeah? Just none of them on this site.
Welcome, Rhaegar. I am a California boy transplanted to NC. Fisherman, myself, so we’ll talk.
Greetings and hope you’ll stay awhile.





Welcome! Enjoy the site!


Hmm, I missed that in his OP the first time. I fished a lot in years gone by, but never tried fly fishing (at least not with fly tackle).


Thanks again for the nice welcome, everyone. Yeah, I don’t know if you can really consider me a true fly fisherman. I’ve gone on about 5 fishing trips, usually with my brother in law who is a great fly fisherman who stoically endures my ham handed efforts. I have a lot of fun with it though, and I have caught my fair share of trout, although it probably says more about the trout’s lack of selectivity as much as my “skill” as a fisherman.


Welcome aboard. IDK how I missed your intro thread when I checked t’other day…:awkward:

I’m assuming you’re a George R. R. Martin fan…?


Guilty as charged. Yes, I know GRRM is a crazy, flaming left winger, but what the hey, he writes a good book, and I like the Dragon Knight character. Wish he would get on with it though, what’s it been like, 5 years since his last book from ASOIAF?