Hi Everyone.

I’m a conservative from Belgium. A tiny little country in Western Europe where the left is so ubiquitous that when I tell people about my convictions, they often stare at me as if I was an alien (I often complete the statement with a “Worry not, earthling, I come in peace”).

There is no conservative party in my country. There are socialists, social democrats, greens and liberals who are considered to be on the right but who support large government and a healthcare system that Obama would not even dream about.

I come here to meet sensible people who share conservative – republican views and debate on several issues.

As my first language is French, I apologize if I still make some mistakes in English.


Is it okay if I insult your country?


Welcome! And your usage of the English language seems to me better than many native speakers I’ve met. Don’t be afraid to ask explanations of American figures of speech that are unfamiliar. The UK and the US are two nations separated by a common language. UK and US usage do differ at times. And the Aussies are somewhere out there between the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, :biggrin: . Again, welcome!


Oh yes, and then we have the Aussies…

Welcome, enjoy the site!


Is it OK to insult yours?
Welcome. We all struggle with English , even though it is our first language. Welcome to the site.
All I know of French, I learned from Pepe’ LePew.:redface:


I am actually one of the very few non French speakers in my family. What little I know is not safe to say if one wants to not be banned.


[quote=“JStang, post:6, topic:29101”]
I am actually one of the very few non French speakers in my family. What little I know is not safe to say if one wants to not be banned.
[/quote]:coffee_spray: Yeah,I am that way with Spanish.


When I was in the Marine Corps, I met a girl from Belgium while visiting Brazil. She worked at the embassy in Brazil and it was at a party given by the U.S. embassy.

I knew only English she only French…how frustrating even though I enjoyed hearing her speak French. :biggrin:

Vauban, WELCOME.

Being a conservative in a country without a conservative party must be as frustrating as my experience in Brazil. I know a little how it must feel because I live in an area of Pennsylvania where there are 3 1/2 liberal democrats to 1 conservative / republican.

BTW: If you had not mentioned that French was your first language, I would never have suspected. (I must warn you, many of us mis-spell words :eek:)



I had an ancestor who came here from the Netherlands, but he had a French name - so I suspect he was probably Belgian.




Welcome to RO!

I sympathize with you living in a place where there is no Party a Conservative can hang their hat, I too live in a place where all the political structure is just varying degrees of Socialist.

I live in California.

Hope you gain encouragement here and some friends as well!


[quote=“Bucks, post:8, topic:29101”]
(I must warn you, many of us mis-spell words :eek:)

[/quote]Not mee


Welcome! I make enough typos for 6 people, don’t worry about it. Just don’t horn in on my excuses for it.


Thank you very much to all of you for the warm welcome.

And thank you for the compliments on my English even though I must confess I use a spellchecker, just in case.:grin:

Pete, I actually learned English with American people and it’s definitely easier for me to understand an American than a British. I have never met an Australian but I went to Ireland. Pretty strange the way they use Gaelic words in the middle of their English sentences.:Thud:

Bucks I had the exact same thing in Ireland. I met this cute Japanese girl in a pub. She only spoke Japanese and I realized painfully that French and English were still not enough.:yes:

I understand some of you must feel frustrated as well, being surrounded by people who just won’t take the time to even consider that the right is not just the opponent, it’s the alternative and it can bring solutions to the problems the society deals with on a daily basis.




Hi and welcome!


I had something hing about how belgians are worse than the french such and such, but I don’t know whether I should post it or not, but anyway… Welcome.


Welcome aboard. Your English is fine. Some of our idiomatic expressions may be a bit confusing, but we’ll be happy to straighten that out for you, I’m sure.


Nice to meet you. =) Is it okay if I occasionally make a waffle joke towards you? =D


I find your joke funny :wink: